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    Re: Politics Random Random

    Quote Originally Posted by Ti-Amie View Post

    Blacks weren't magically equal to whites when the Civil War amendments were passed. Sharecropping, "separate but equal" and other forms of official political/social/economic oppression kept Blacks down for another 100+ years.
    Ah yes. Like when the Homestead Act gave land to people, and an amendment to it specifically made sure to include Blacks so that they could become landowners. There were a host of problems in practice, and I know this is shocking, but there was rampant discrimination in handing out plots of land, with plenty of blacks getting untillable land. My, let's see, I think it would be my maternal great great grandparents were given their "40 acres and a mule" of land in North Dakota that ended up being rocky and couldn't be farmed for crops.

    There is SO much crap that doesn't get talked about during the period after the Civil War up to the Civil Rights Act, but there is enough well known that is completely racist and inexcusable like "separate but equal" and Jim Crow laws that it is genuinely shocking when you see someone try to act like ish been all good since 1865.

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    Re: Politics Random Random

    I cannot get this thread to unroll properly, possibly because it contains court filing links in each one. So posting this as best as I can. This is basically a reporter that read through and summarized the filing of the DOJ case against California Rep. Duncan Hunter.

    Brad Heath
    Verified account

    The Justice Department wants a judge to prohibit Rep. @Rep_Hunter from "offering evidence or argument concerning alleged political biases or motives of the prosecution team" or making other comments that could "poison the pool of potential jurors."
    Rep. Hunter, a Republican, says his prosecution by the Justice Department, currently run by Republican appointees of President Trump, is the "deep state" and was trying to "rig the election their own way."
    President Trump, a Republican, previously criticized his attorney general, also a Republican, for allowing the prosecution of two Republican congressmen.
    DOJ basically says @rep_hunter should raise his allegation of political bias properly, in a motion to dismiss, or shut up.
    The Justice Department filed a notice saying Rep. Duncan Hunter illegally used campaign funds to pay for "intimate" encounters with several women, and prosecutors want a judge's permission to tell jurors about those romances.
    DOJ says @rep_hunter took a lobbyist skiing near Lake Tahoe, and charged it to his campaign. Prosecutors said their relationship "blossomed beyond a mere friendship." They say he even charged the campaign for his $7 Sam Adams when he arrived in Tahoe.
    DOJ says Hunter took the unnamed lobbyist on a "double date road trip" to Virginia Beach with another member of Congress. He charged the campaign for their hotel room and bar tab.
    DOJ says Rep. Hunter used campaign money to take another woman, a House aide with whom he had been intimate, for drinks. Then he charged the campaign $21 for an Uber back to his office at 1:49 a.m.
    DOJ says Rep. Hunter billed his campaign $42 for an Uber after he engaged in "intimate personal activities" with a lobbyist at her D.C. area home. "That night," prosecutors wrote, "was not about business."
    DOJ says Rep. Hunter billed his campaign for an Uber in 2016 after he spent the night at the home of yet another Washington lobbyist, "where they engaged in intimate personal activities unrelated to Hunter's congressional campaign."
    DOJ says there's other "sensitive conduct,", but they don't want to say what it is, other than that it's "clearly non-work related activity during get-togethers with his close personal friends" and that it could potentially taint the jury pool if revealed.
    Meanwhile, @rep_hunter wants a court to throw out the charges against him because two officials in the U.S. Attorney's office attended a Hillary Clinton fundraiser in 2016 and wanted a photo with her.
    The argument for why that requires dismissal is ... thin. He argues he was prosecuted in retaliation for endorsing Trump, but in support of that, he argues only that two AUSAs on the case appear to have supported Clinton.
    Rep. Hunter also argues that lying on campaign disclosure forms might maybe be a crime, but that should be up to the FEC, and it's definitely not obstruction, because that would chill "the First Amendment rights of every member and candidate for Congress."
    And DOJ says Rep. Hunter, despite drawing a $170,000 salary as a congressman, was basically broke. "So little compunction did they feel about stealing to make ends meet, they began to use campaign funds for such basic expenses as cigarettes, gasoline and groceries."
    "Intimate personal activities unrelated to Hunter's congressional campaign" is easily among the best euphemisms for "sex" that I've seen in a court filing.

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    Re: Politics Random Random

    Related to the story above. If you don't watch Last Week Tonight regularly on HBO (versus what the show makes available on YT), then you may not have seen John cover some of this last week. At that point the wife had flipped on him. Now with reports of at least five mistresses, I think we can guess why she did. This is in poor focus, but it's still up, they might be allowing it because of that reason. You'll still get the idea. Go to the 1:02 mark to watch this story.

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    Re: Politics Random Random

    Family values.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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