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    Re: Politics Random Random

    Lindsey Graham

    Packing the Supreme Court... Bad idea. Liberal dream.

    Trump’s 3rd term is looking better and better! ��
    Whatever they have on Lindsey must be the stuff families disown you for.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: Politics Random Random

    Ryan Struyk

    July 2019 was the warmest month on record for the globe in data stretching back to 1880, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says.


    The devil's greatest trick was getting you to worry about immigrants who want to pay for Medicare while polluters were carefully burning up your grandkids.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: Politics Random Random

    Trump pressured Mnuchin to label China ‘currency manipulator’, a move he had previously resisted

    By Damian Paletta and Philip Rucker August 15 at 2:44 PM

    President* Trump personally pressed Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to label China as a “currency manipulator” two weeks ago, a move Mnuchin had previously resisted, three people with direct knowledge of the push said.

    The pressure from Trump revealed a more forceful West Wing role in the highly controversial decision. Mnuchin had repeatedly refused to designate China as a currency manipulation because China’s currency moves didn’t meet the Treasury’s established criteria for that action.

    But Trump exerted immense pressure on him earlier this month, after the Chinese let their currency, the yuan, crossed a symbolic threshold that it had not passed in some time.

    This came after an escalation in the trade conflict when Trump announced he would be putting a 10 percent tariff on $300 billion in additional Chinese exports, and the Chinese pledged retaliation. (This week Trump delayed some of those new tariffs out of concern for what they’d to do the U.S. economy during the holiday period.)

    So, were these people born without spines or have they been surgically removed? Were they born without the ability and will to say no or did their parents skip that part of the child rearing manual?

    Come on man!
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: Politics Random Random

    The cruelty is the point

    Robbie Gramer @RobbieGramer

    The State Department's watchdog issued a scathing report on how Trump appointees treated career State Department employees in the bureau that oversees international organizations

    This is an issue @columlynch and I have been reporting on for over a year. Among the things the Inspector General report details: Hostile work environment, State career officials accused of being 'traitors', discrimination, mismanagement. Full report here:…

    mentions The two appointees in question, Assistant Secretary Moley and Mari Stull, have issued responses. Moley issued responses in appendix to OIG report, ranging from denying accusations to saying he was unaware of certain issues to saying some things were mischaracterized

    mentions Stull told us in a statement that the report is "politically motivated payback for my efforts to implement President Trump’s agenda over the resistance of Deep State bureaucrats who opposed his reform agenda”

    Stull, cont'd: "I was never even given an opportunity to interview with the [inspector general] during my tenure with the Administration. The report contains false and misleading information.”
    OIG says in report Stull declined a request to be interviewed for the report

    mentions In one example OIG tracked, Stull didn't believe the data compiled by an employee on a country's contributions to the UN, got angry, and threw the work product at another employee

    mentions In another, a State official who accompanied the Congressional Black Caucus to the UN was accused of trying to 'thwart' Trump's agenda, as they were Democrats. Official was reprimanded, shut out of substantive work, eventually quit

    mentions In another example, an employee was apparently told by Assistant Secretary they wouldn't hire a foreign affairs officer for a job because Stull didn't trust him due to his relationship w/ UN Palestinian Refugees org & the LGBTI community. A/S Moley denied this characterization:

    This OIG report, now publicly available, was first reported by @nahaltoosi who has also followed these developments. The allegations around the IO bureau sparked Congressional probes as well as inspector general investigation

    A/S Moley, in response, called any allegation of homophobia patently false and said the behavior attributed to him does not reflect who he is and says multiple State officials can attest to this. Read Inspector General report in full here:…

    Dem Rep. Eliot Engel, chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee, issued statement condemning these actions and called on Moley to resign or be fired.

    This report is part of a ‘broader inquiry’ into politically motivated reprisals at State and Engel said ‘there is more to come’
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: Politics Random Random

    Well, now we know at least two people successfully completed the Klobuchar Method of Staff Management training module...
    Winston, a.k.a. Alvena Rae Risley Hiatt (1944-2019), RIP

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