Welcome, welcome, all, to the 2011 Edition of The Slide into Paris (TSiP)! This perennial clay-themed TaT Fantasy Tennis contest will encompass 9 ATP clay court tournaments leading up to Roland Garros, and all are welcome to enter!

Your team will consist of 12 ATP players from the top 100 men on the ATP Tour. You will have 150 credits to spend on your 12-man team. The top 100 players on the South African Airways ATP ranking are divided into four categories, and each player is priced according to his ranking. You'll need to purchase three players from each category. To see the players and the categories, go here --> TSiP Players and Prices

Each player on your team will be awarded points depending on how deep he goes in each tournament. NOTE: Even if a player withdraws or retires from a match, you will receive full credit for the round that player reached. To check out how many points each win at a tournament is worth per round, go here --> TSiP Tournaments and Points

The responsibility of finding out who will be playing which of these events is on you. Need/Want some assistance? To check out the official sites of the tournaments this contest encompasses, go here --> TSiP Tournament Websites

Now, do you think you've done a good job scouting players and you know for absolute certainty which failsafe players will be leading you to victory? Then this is the paragraph for you! After deciding upon an original, unique team, you may change this team as often as you need to, up until the start of the contest, by editing your original post. To post your team, go here --> TSiP Post Your Team Here!

Still in effect: No two contestants may have the same initial team, so your original 12-man team must be different from all other previously posted teams by at least one player. It is your individual responsibility to check the teams that have been posted and make sure yours does not exactly duplicate a team that already has been posted. We will do our best to check entries as they are posted to enforce this, but to save yourself some possible grief later on, we strongly urge each participant to check the teams that already have been posted and make sure your team is different to avoid disqualification.

You are allowed up to FIVE substitutions during the 9-tournament contest. Substitutions can be made at any time, but a substitution will not go into effect until the following tournament. To make a substitution, sell a player back (adding his price to your remaining credits) then simply buy another player. YOU MUST ALWAYS HAVE THREE PLAYERS PER CATEGORY ON YOUR TEAM AND YOU CAN NEVER HAVE SPENT MORE THAN 150 CREDITS. To make all your substitutions after the official commencement of the contest, go here --> TSiP Substitutions

Want to see how you're doing compared to others in the contest? At the end of each week, you may see how you're doing on our nifty scoreboard! (I also suggest changing your TaT theme to "French Open" for the full "Sliiiiiide into Paris" effect! ) Or you can leave it alone, and just go here -->TSiP Scoreboard (Note: This will not be up until the end of the first week.)

As always, we strongly encourage chatter about the contest, but we really want to keep it in the lounge so we don't muck up the "important" threads. To kibitz with (or seek commiseration from) others in the contest, go here --> TSiP Lounge

Finally, if you have any questions about how anything is run, please don't hesitate to ask them. We are here to help! (Especially beaujarkko and waylandboy-tw, your maîtres des cérémonies, so if you see them posting something, it may be important!) To ask questions, please please please go here to get it answered in the timeliest of manners --> TSiP Ask Questions Here

Your initial teams are due by the start of play on April 4 since both Casablanca and Houston are slated to start that day. No teams can be accepted after the deadline.

Best of luck to all, and thank you for participating!