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    Re: Let's Discuss Science

    The first images of a Black Hole are all over the web. Surely impressive.
    The website XKCD, which is an interesting comic/info site, has the main photograph of the hole, with a scale of the Solar System embedded. Look it up. It sure puts our miniature size in perspective.
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    Re: Let's Discuss Science

    I was amazed at the size of it. I always thought that black holes were rather "small".
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    Re: Let's Discuss Science

    I have never been able to understand the size issue. Is it the volume inside the event horizon (no light escapes from there) or is it some sort of plasma-mass in the center of the horizon? At that level of "compression" is there even a concept of mass as we know it?
    The second option is where I am with you, Drop. I think that the understanding is that there is something in the center that nobody really knows what is because it is no longer matter as we know it, and the size there is truly small.
    Still, the black hole thing is really interesting. Human story: the person that developed the algorithm is a 29 year old woman named Katie Bouman. One joke: David Bowman is the main character in 2001 Space Oddisey. The coincidence of the last names is funny and cool.
    And this woman should become national spokeswoman for STEM. But I bet she has more interesting things to do.
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    Re: Let's Discuss Science

    The size is the event horizon. Anything beyond that is unknowable. The other important and easily measurable property of the black hole is it's mass.
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