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Thread: In Memoriam

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    Re: In Memoriam

    Often controversial fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has died at age 85, surprising those of us who thought he was a vampire. I read once many years ago that he ate steamed apples for breakfast every morning, and that has colored my view of him as much as his blunt, often incorrect opinions on everything.
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    I don't deny myself bread. I have bread every day.

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    Re: In Memoriam

    JT, why are you trying to make me laugh when reporting someone's death? I can't like that post cause I was sorry to hear the news this morning that he passed, but you have me rolling with the vampire comment and I completely agree.

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    Re: In Memoriam

    Peter Tork, of The Monkees fame, has passed away.
    Oh Grigor. You silly man.

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