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    Re: Perfect Loser Scoreboard

    Well done Ptm & MysterX
    Meet again we do, old foe...

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    Re: Perfect Loser Scoreboard

    Quote Originally Posted by dryrunguy View Post
    And my deepest appreciation to patrick for providing all of the QC over the past several weeks! You never miss a thing!
    Meanwhile THIS Patrick (me) misses everything. Probably the best named contest to win - I am now officially the Biggest Loser on TAT. It's good for anyone who doesn't like me as well - they can call me a loser and say it's just referring to this contest.

    So I guess the secret to winning contests is to get my daughters to jump all over me while I'm trying to make my picks (like they did for this one) and state I have no expectations for my team. I guess I have to give them an assist for making sure I didn't overthink it. Appropriate that I picked all losers in BotB there too (was 6th from last.)

    Thanks to those who run in it...hope it comes back next year (and not just because I won it.) And congrats to Drop and Mysterx
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    A Canadian Slam winner? Inconceivable!

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    Re: Perfect Loser Scoreboard

    Congrats to pt and Drop-Shot.

    Whew, that was close. I was half-expecting pt's score updates to be mistaken, and then I would find myself out of the medals. Glad that his counting was better than he thought it was

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    Re: Perfect Loser Scoreboard

    Congrats to all the medalists!

    Ptm, I think you've found your true calling now in these contests Glad to see you're so good natured about it too by making it your new avatar signature

    Thanks again to the staff for putting in all the time to run this contest. I hope there will be many more in 2011!

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    Re: Perfect Loser Scoreboard

    Congratulations to PTMcMahon, Drop-Shot and MysterX.
    2017 & 2018 Australian Open Champions

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    Re: Perfect Loser Scoreboard

    Congrats to the winners!

    This was fun.
    I disapprove of this message

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    Re: Perfect Loser Scoreboard

    Congrats, winners!!

    And a big thank you to the staff
    " All they can do is beat him. They cannot ever be his equal." ~Al Laney on Big Bill Tilden

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    Re: Perfect Loser Scoreboard

    PTMcMahon, Drop-Shot and MysterX.... Congrats!!! Y'all are becoming rather hard to beat, to the point where I personally consider you to be a bit of a plague
    Coach Marion, at your service!

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    Re: Perfect Loser Scoreboard

    I'm not that hard to beat...I medal exactly once a year So I'm only hard to beat once a year I guess.
    A Canadian Slam winner? Inconceivable!

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    Re: Perfect Loser Scoreboard

    A belated congrats to all of the medalists! Great job!

    And many thanks to the TAT staff that ran this contest!

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