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    Race to Doha : Final Scores Going to Doha

    Race to Doha Scores

    And with the Beijing scores in, we now can list our eight qualifiers for the Sony Ericsson Championships in Doha! They are, in order of finish:

    1. Munchin
    2. Scotty
    3. Miles
    4. Shtexas
    5. Suliso
    6. Morct
    7. Aedra
    8. Drop-Shot

    Congratulations to these eight outstanding predictors! This means that your prediction scores for the YEC alone will determine our three medalists for this year's contest. You will start with a clean slate. Everyone will be on equal footing. Current scores will be erased, and you'll start anew!

    In case someone forgets to pick, our alternates will be:

    1st Alternate: E11even
    2nd Alternate: Charlie
    3rd Alternate: Patrick
    4th Alternate (tie): JT Continental
    4th Alternate (tie): Evil-Juju
    6th Alternate: Foxykhat
    7th Alternate (tie): GV Girl
    7th Alternate (tie): Martini

    Munchin had the most points overall. Miles and PeterSkan had the most points in Slams while TScott had the most points in Premier events.
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    Re: Race to Doha : Final Scores Going to Doha

    Congrats you 8, that was some good picking throughout !
    second Decima of the year !!

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    Re: Race to Doha : Final Scores Going to Doha

    Well done, peeps!
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