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    Re: World News Random, Random

    Quote Originally Posted by MJ2004 View Post
    I don’t think that’s the case in Switzerland, where suliso lives. He’s most likely really eating almost all European food.

    Remember too that Europe retaliated against our first round of tariffs last year with their own tariffs against US foods. So this new tariff is one more step along the path of insanity.
    Yes, I know where he lives. Also, I'm not talking about just what he eats, but what is sold in Switzerland. I haven't studied this kind of stuff in a while now, but I used to and Switzerland definitely did import food products from the US. Hard to believe that's come to a screeching halt.

    Now, that doesn't meant they import as much as others, population by itself is a large factor. But there are certain food products like soybeans, walnuts, and almonds where the US is the place to get them if you have a good trade agreement with them, so that's just where you get them. But I'd put a large bet down that more than just that is currently imported to Switzerland.
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    Re: World News Random, Random

    I think you're both right. We don't import maybe so much food from US, but we do more than I've noticed. Not meat I think - in the shop it has to be labeled with a place of origin. It's usually Switzerland. Could easily be soy and wheat or indeed almonds.
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