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    Re: Other Sports Random, Random

    Something seems to be missing from that photo, but I can't put my finger on what . . .

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    Re: Other Sports Random, Random

    ......and I find the fact that that "something" is missing to be pretty hilarious. Says a lot about the plans. GH

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    Re: Other Sports Random, Random

    The most dominant athletes of the decade
    Scott Davis, Tyler Lauletta and Meredith Cash
    Dec 4, 2019

    1. LeBron James - NBA (basketball) forward
    2. Serena Williams - Tennis player.
    3. Tom Brady - NFL Quarterback
    4. Roger Federer - Tennis player
    5. Lionel Messi - Soccer (football) striker
    6. Michael Phelps - Swimmer
    7. Cristiano Ronaldo - Soccer (football) forward
    8. Simone Biles - gymnast
    9. Clayton Kershaw - MLB Baseball pitcher
    10. Rafael Nadal - Tennis player
    11. Sidney Crosby - NHL Hockey center
    12. Diana Taurasi - Women's NBA guard, White Mamba
    13. Floyd Mayweather - Boxing
    14. Usain Bolt - Sprinter
    15. Novak Djokovic - Tennis player
    16. Lewis Hamilton - F1 driver
    17. Kevin Durant - NBA forward
    18. Stephen Curry - NBA guard
    19. Mike Trout - MLB Baseball center fielder
    20. Katie Ledecky - Swimmer

    Full List
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    Re: Other Sports Random, Random

    If the criterion being used to establish that list was domination within one's own sport, I might have to put Simone Biles first. She has so eclipsed the rest of the participants in wins, medals, whatever, that I almost feel like she is more dominant within that sport than the 7 above her.


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    Re: Other Sports Random, Random

    I would certainly not put Roger in 4th (not for this last decade). If you are talking about dominance, I think that you have to go with Djokovic, followed by men's tennis in Nadal. Both have quite a few more grand slam titles in the last decade than Roger. And I agree with Glenn that Biles should definitely be higher than 8th.
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    Re: Other Sports Random, Random

    How did Roger end up AHEAD of Rafa and Nole when he won 5 slams during this decade and the other two won 13 & 15 respectively? And Serena is also ahead of them and she won 12?
    Durant ahead of Curry? Curry won three NBA titles, Durant 2.
    Usain Bolt is at number 14? A runner who won every single Olympic medal he competed in during the decade? (Short decade for the Olympics, sure, but WTF?)

    Edit: Jeff beat me to it
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    Re: Other Sports Random, Random

    If Kershaw is #13 then obviously playoffs weren’t a criteria.

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    Re: Other Sports Random, Random

    Definitely interesting list. I agree about Simone. I wholeheartedly agree about Kershaw (do it in the Playoffs Clayton!). Ditto on Mike Trout. I'd say the same about Messi and international competition, which is why I'd put Cristiano ahead of him.

    And I've gotta think the dislike/judgment factor played a heavy role in Floyd being entirely too low on this list because dominant doesn't begin to describe Money Mayweather in his sport. If it's an honest list, he's in the top 3 every time.

    And someone like Tom Brady being on the list, not to mention way too high, makes me think they were trying to make sure they included an NFL player at a decent rank. The Patriots as a whole? Even if I hate them, that's fine. But Tom on his own? I'm no fan of Aaron Rodgers either, but he's the dominant one of the last decade, not Tom. The numbers show that clearly, it's just Tom's team has been better.

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