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    Re: Other Sports Random, Random

    Oh there's definitely elements of unfairness with the First Four. Several in fact. And the setup is questionable at best. It's not perfect or perfectly fair by any stretch. There's just an element about it that is about fairness that was about allowing more teams into the field and that it has seemed to at least somewhat quieted the "we deserved to get in" from some of those first four out teams. Syracuse last year comes to mind as an example of one that would've been yelling from the rooftops if they had been kept out of the tournament.

    But I am at the point of just accepting that the First Four is likely here to stay as is and now that they stopped with that "first round" bs they were pushing for a few years, it's not quite as bad. That was super annoying.

    But the inequities in the setup? If you know even a little about me, you'd know I'd object to how this appears to work more often than not and it'd be nice if it was addressed sooner than later. Complaints in the past seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

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    Re: Other Sports Random, Random

    I find it hard to find much sympathy for the major conference teams with double digit losses aghast that they didn't make the tournament, especially when the basic argument is "we lost a lot to good teams."
    Thanks for the medal Johanna!

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