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    Re: Other Sports Random, Random

    Out of curiosity, in the mixed double curling, is there a tendency to go with a certain gender for 1-5 vs 2-3-4?

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    Re: Other Sports Random, Random

    An answer to the PTmc.'s question: I am by no means the expert. And mixed doubles has only been in the news in a pretty big way (by curling standards, of course) for the last couple of years after the decision to include it in the Olympics. At least with what I have seen to this point, I would say that there is no tendency one way or the other. The winners of the US Olympic trials (brother and sister Becca and Matt Hamilton) almost always use her on stones 1 and 5. But several of their closest competitors at the US trails had the man doing stones 1 and 5. All stones are quite important with the ends shorter. But the last stone needs to be the person with the steadiest nerves and the most skill for very exact shots. And that probably has a little less of the concept that strength is important.

    Remember....this is just my opinion. I will continue watching that point. GH

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    Re: Other Sports Random, Random

    Canadian Mixed Curling Trials - not sure if this is available outside of Canada, but I can't imagine why it wouldn't be.

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    Re: Other Sports Random, Random

    Skatingfan, MANY thanks....I have had no trouble getting that to work. GH

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    Re: Other Sports Random, Random

    Interesting that in Canada, the policy has been set that no curler who is on one of the 4-person teams can go to the Olympics in mixed doubles. So none of the curlers from the teams going to the Olympics are even there competing this week.

    In the USA, that is not the policy at all. Both Becca and Matt Hamilton, our mixed doubles team, are also participating on the respective 4-person teams, having gone through qualifying for both.


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