Good day, TATers. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take part in and possibly even win the 2009 Edition of Green Acres - TAT’s grass courts fantasy tennis competition.

Pick your team

You MUST select twelve team members from the ATP and WTA to assist you, choosing from five categories. Every category contains a segment of the current top-100 ranked players.

A team is made up of twelve players, six from the ATP and six from the WTA.

Pick FOUR players from category A,
THREE from category B,
TWO from categories C and D
and ONE from category E.

When complete, a team could look something like this.

Cat-A: Federer, Safina, Nadal, S. Williams
Cat-B: Peer, Vaidisova, Safin
Cat-C: Knapp, Kohlschreiber
Cat-D: Benesova, Hewitt
Cat-E: Korolev

It is completely up to YOU how you distribute your six ATP and six WTA picks. If you want to fill up the A list with four ATP players, that is your choice/risk. The mission is in finding the right balance

The team you choose is supposed to last you the entire four weeks, and you only get FOUR trades!

Remember the most important rule! Your team must consist of six men and six women at all times. If you end up with an inaccurate gender balance as a result of trades (e.g., seven men and five women), you will receive a zero score for the week, and you will be required to expend a trade and correct the gender balance before your team will be eligible the following week.

Your team is due before 8 June 2009, 11.00am London time come rain or shine. You must post your team in the "Post Your Team Here" thread. Any and all entries posted at a later time will NOT be accepted.

The Tournaments

WTA: Birmingham, s-Hertogenbosch, Eastbourne, Wimbledon
ATP: Queens, Halle, Eastbourne, s-Hertogenbosch, Wimbledon, Newport


See “Tournament Points” thread


Should any member of your team be injured or perform poorly in the completion of your mission, you have the option to replace him or her with a new team member. You have FOUR replacement trades. As always any trades need to be made in the week BEFORE the next tournament starts, otherwise the traded player will not earn points until the tournament after that. There will be a “Trades” thread once the competition has started.

Again, please remember that your team must consist of six men and six women at all times.

And then?

Should your team go down in a flaming heap, feel free to complain about it in the "Strawberry Lounge". But be warned, A.D.A.M will disavow all knowledge of your actions.

Oh, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the “Questions” thread.

Good Luck.