Welcome to 2009 Nostradamus Challenge!!!

Everyone is invited to participate in this new TAT year long contest. To win all you need to do is predict as accurately as possible both ATP and WTA 2009 year end top 10 rankings. Sounds easy, right?

How it works:

Post 2009 year end top 10 rankings for both ATP and WTA. Everyone of a correct gender is eligible.


One point will be awarded for every correctly picked top 10 player and additional one point for correctly predicting an exact final ranking. Thus the highest possible score for predicting all 20 ATP/WTA players in correct order will be 40 points.

Example (for this year): 1 point for having Tsonga in the top 10 and one more if you had him at #6


Before the start of play of the first tournament of the year (Sunday, January 4, 2009).

P.S. Thread for discussion and picks coming ASAP