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    Re: Let's Discuss Religion.

    Most of the European images of the Christ come frome da Vinci's works where he was portrayed as European. Eastern Orthodox icons are a bit more ambivalent about this.
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    Re: Let's Discuss Religion.

    Quote Originally Posted by ponchi101 View Post
    Somewhere along these pages we also discussed how a religion that has "Aryan-ized" a historical figure that, if he really existed, must have certainly NOT been a man of European white stock, must have affected, in either positive or negative ways, the institution and practice of slavery in the USA.
    "YOUR savior is a man of white skin and blue eyes, with long flowing golden hair. He is NOT like you. Therefore, you must admit that, at a minimum, you are different, at worst, you are inferior".
    The same logic applies to the concept of a WHITE MALE ELDER oppressing women. So even if religion brings some good into some people's lives, the overall result is far from beneficial to the flock.
    True, but this only serves as more evidence of the fabrication. The "writers" of this story were white european men. Hence the look, the god is male and women are a byproduct of man and it was she who condemned humanity.
    Meet again we do, old foe...

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