I will try to explain Oliver North's conscience.
In the 1970's, Venezuela's greatest funny writer, who went by the nom-de-plume OTROVA GOMAS (Justano Therbum) wrote a story called "We have been exposed!". It was published in the weekly comedy magazine "The Educated Sadist". It applies. I will try to reproduce it here.
It was 2 PM when I picked up the phone. I dialed a number at random. A male voice picked up on the other side.
"Hello" it said.
I yelled "Run! They know about what we are doing!"
I heard the phone being dropped and the sound of furniture being knocked over, the screams of the man clearly audible through the phone.
I dialed another number. Again, a male voice answered.
"Hello?" he said.
I again yelled "Run, they know what we are doing!"
I heard screams as the phone was dropped, and again the fading footsteps of somebody running.
I did the same thing a few more times, and every time I just heard the person dropped the phone and run. But then I dialed another person and something else happened.
"Run!" I said, "They know what we are doing!"
The man on the other side laughed, as I heard the ice on his glass clink in the background, as he stirred it.
"I don't care. Everybody in this country knows that we are stealing everything we can" he said, an obvious smile on his face.
If there is something that I know about is how to deal with cold-hearted, viscous men like this.
"Yes," I added, "but HE knows you are not giving him his cut!". I then heard the same loud thud, as he obviously started running.
I was about to pick up the phone again and dial another number when the phone rang. I picked it up and answered: "Hello?"
"Run, they know what we are doing!" an anonymous voice said.
"I know" I said. "They already called me"
"So, what do we do?!"
I had to be honest with him: "Stop talking like a**holes over the phone and get the f*** out of here" I said, before hanging up.
I tried to dial a few more numbers but all I got was busy lines. In the street I could hear the shouts of people screaming "They know!!!" or "We have been exposed!!!". I tried to dial a few more numbers, but it was in vain. Outside the window, all I could see was the huge traffic jam, heading towards the airport...

Oliver North has no conscience. He just was not given his cut of the deal. That's all.
I mean, I know you guys are becoming the United States of South America, but we invented that crap!!!!