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    Re: Congrats to our Men's SP Winners!

    congrats to the winners, well done!
    congrats to rafa! amazing tennis, particularly his serve and volley on breakpoints in the fifth.

    many thanks to organisers, great competion.

    it was my first SP attempt, i got to the final with federer as i could not vote against him.

    hold on RF, with the game you showed yesterday there are many more grand slam titles in your future. just a pity nadal was so very perfect yesterday.

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    Re: Congrats to our Men's SP Winners!

    Thanks to all the team for making this possible. It is really a fun game and I'm looking forward to the US Open SP.

    And congrats to the other 17 that made it too.

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    Re: Congrats to our Men's SP Winners!

    Quote Originally Posted by bea26 View Post

    Dry, tennisbrp, Krutin, etc. Well done!
    And back at you (my favorite BEA) and all other winners. I have to say although I enjoyed my vacation in southern France and had many spectacular moments I was NOT able to watch one MINUTE of this historic match. All I could get in these remote villages after it was over was Tour De France highlights. It saw some beautiful scenery, ate well, drank great wine and had fun but I missed history and even though it was a nice romantic time I MISSED TENNIS (and a bit of baseball). Sigh. I guess I need to sign up for sports fan therapy sessions.

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