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Thread: Top Spin 3

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    Re: Top Spin 3

    Tennis World Tour was released and itís terrible. They basically put out an unfinished game (there was an elaborate promotional tie-in with Roland Garros that made them rush it). The animation is weird, thereís no functioning doubles or online modes (!!!), initially John McEnroe was a righty and Thiem hit a two-hander . Itís a disaster.

    The fortunate part is that they can release patches to fix the mess and they have been slowly getting those out, but itís a real bad look. If youíre a gamer, wait till itís on the bargain rack. It might actually be a finished product by then.

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    Re: Top Spin 3

    What platform(s) is available on?
    Oh Grigor. You silly man.

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    Re: Top Spin 3

    Quote Originally Posted by Kirkus View Post
    What platform(s) is available on?
    Xbox one, ps4 and the PC version just got released, also apparently without an online mode.
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