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    GA2008 - Player Categories

    Welcome to the thread where all the players from both the ATP and WTA top-100 have been placed into five handy categories for you to choose from! Players known to be sick/injured are replaced with TAT wildcards.

    Picking your team

    To enter the "Green Acres" fantasy tennis competition, you need to assemble a team consisting of TWELVE players. Of those twelve players, six must be from the ATP and six must be from the WTA. Any team with too many men or women will not be included in the competition.

    You must choose a specific number of players from each of the categories available to you. From category A you must pick FOUR players, from category B you must pick THREE playes, from categories C and D you must pick TWO players. From the last category, E, you pick ONE player.

    It is up to YOU to decide how you spread your WTA and ATP player picks. If you want to pick four WTA players for your category A picks, that's your choice. It would leave you with just the two WTA picks for the remaining four categories.


    Cat-A: Federer, Sharapova, Nadal, V. Williams
    Cat-B: Peer, Vaidisova, Youzhny
    Cat-C: Knapp , Hewitt
    Cat-D: Benesova, Safin
    Cat-E: Korolev

    As you can see, the team consists of six ATP players and six WTA players. As long as you make sure it's 50/50 ATP WTA, it's fine by us. Part of the challenge for you is finding the right balance.


    This time round you get FOUR trades. Any trade needs to be made in the week BEFORE the next tournament starts, otherwise the traded player will not earn points until the tournament after that. There will be a trade thread once the competition has started.

    Now what...

    Grab a pen and a piece of paper and get ready to select your team!!! All categories can be found in the tables below. Just remember: FOUR category A picks, THREE category B picks, two category C and D picks and ONE pick from category E. Six boys, six girls. Good luck!
    Coach Marion, at your service!

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    Re: GA2008 - Player Categories

    Coach Marion, at your service!


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