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    Re: Talk about Rankings (TAR :))

    Quote Originally Posted by MeganFernandez View Post
    Flipkens got to the semis at Wimbledon? Singles? She's a solid player. Fun to watch. I love this perspective - that she didn't think she had what it takes to make it as a pro. I wonder what made the difference. Just a lot of training, or somehow she gained belief? Both?
    Yes, she made the singles Semis at Wimbledon in 2013.
    I recall that my opinion of her as a junior was that she looked like the prototypical tennis player - very athletic - she just looked like an all-around athlete. She was also quite good at tennis, being ranked #1 in Juniors, winning the Junior US Open and Junior Wimbledon.
    One of her main rivals at the time was Michaella Krajicek (half sister to Richard), who was a year or two younger, and who hasn't made as much of an impact in the pros.

    Quote Originally Posted by MeganFernandez View Post
    What is your role in tennis? Are you in development?
    No... nothing official. I know people who work in tennis in various capacities - players, coaches, linespeople/umpires, etc., like going to tournaments when I can, getting to know players, coaches on a level deeper than as just a spectator. I've coached a bit, but it's never been something I've wanted to commit to. I prefer the freedom of simply offering insights/suggestions here and there, when inspired to do so, and talking tennis on an interesting level with those I get to know.
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