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    Re: SE/Miami Men's Day 10 (Semis) SP Pick

    No tiebreaker in the final?

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    Re: SE/Miami Men's Day 10 (Semis) SP Pick

    Thread is closed. You can no longer change your picks. LOL!

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    Re: SE/Miami Men's Day 10 (Semis) SP Pick

    Quote Originally Posted by Federer70 View Post
    thanks - guess it ends in a tie since no one has Roddick or Davy left :-). Of course I sort of win in a practice pool - but still feel good :-).

    Good job, co-champion.

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    Re: SE/Miami Men's Day 10 (Semis) SP Pick

    Great job guys at least a FED is winning something, LOL

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    Re: SE/Miami Men's Day 10 (Semis) SP Pick

    Thanks for the kind words. But have to admit - it just didn't come across that difficult this tournament - probably because so many unpredictable folks lost early and/or things just broke right (e.g., Djoko, Murray, Nalby, Fish, etc. losing early; picking the clay court guys all at the right time - e.g., Andreev, Acasuso, Monaco, etc.; staying away from Ancic, Tsonga, Blake, Ferrer, etc.). I'm sure the French will be a lot more difficult - definitely staying away from the French guys if I can :-).

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