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    TAT Arcade Scores - March 2008!

    Once again (this is getting boring ) we can congratulate Dryrunguy with another fine month of highscore hunting. Seems he's found his niche in Base Jumping as well Wonder if Lone-star will take the Black Jack honours this month, though!

    A big hand to two of the new highscores as well, namely morct's fabtastic 20200 at Fruit Smash, the first person to break the 20K barrier. She also takes third place in the highscore leaders list, thx in part to a royal flush!! And then Atlpam's 80K+ Quick Words score. I mean really

    So, onto the month of April. The specialists will return to their respective highscore hunts, but with more and more gamers improving in other areas, we should be seeing even more competition.

    This will probably be the last month for one or two games as well, with Scrabble Blast (watching paint dry goes by quicker) and the oddly unpopular Space Invaders on the shortlist for deletion. So, go for those alltime highscores while you still can!

    Good luck, all!

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    Re: TAT Arcade Scores - March 2008!

    Hurrah for my fruitsmash high score - I was sure Mr. Koffie was going to smash it before the end of the month!


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