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    The Slide Into Paris: How It Works

    You are invited to participate in the 2008 TAT Fantasy Tennis Slide Into Paris! This contest will encompass 10 ATP claycourt tournaments leading up to, but NOT including, Roland Garros.

    You may have heard that the 2008 Slide Into Paris would be a little different from past versions. It's true! How will it be different? Unlike past Slide Into Paris contests, the 2008 version has been expanded to include all 10 of the ATP-sanctioned events leading up to Roland Garros. Why is that important? It means that your lower category players COULD be more important than they've ever been before!

    Your team will consist of 12 ATP players from the top 100 men on the ATP Tour. You will have 150 credits to spend on your 12-man team. The top 100 players on the INDESIT ATP ranking are divided into 4 categories. Each player is priced according to his ranking. You'll purchase three players from each category.

    Each player on your team will be awarded points depending on how deep he goes in each tournament. NEW RULE: Previously, players were only awarded points for the last round he completed, meaning that players who withdrew or retired were penalized by only awarding points for the previous round completed. That rule is being abolished. Even if a player withdraws or retires from a match, you will now receive full credit for the round that player reached.

    You are allowed up to 5 subsititutions during the 10-tournament contest. Substitutions can be made at any time, but a substitution will not go into effect until the following tournament. To make a substitution, sell a player back (adding his price to your remaining credits) then simply buy another player. YOU MUST ALWAYS HAVE THREE PLAYERS PER CATEGORY ON YOUR TEAM AND YOU CAN NEVER HAVE SPENT MORE THAN 150 CREDITS.

    Click Here to make a substitution.

    WEEK OF 04/14/08: Estoril, Valencia, and Houston
    WEEK OF 04/21/08: Monte Carlo
    WEEK OF 04/28/08: Barcelona and Munich
    WEEK OF 05/05/08: Rome
    WEEK OF 05/12/08: Hamburg
    WEEK OF 05/19/08: Poertschach and Casablanca

    Click Here to view tournaments and points

    Categories and Player Pricing:
    CATEGORY A: Players 1-15. Price 16-30 credits each.
    CATEGORY B: Players 16-40. Price 9-15 credits each.
    CATEGORY C: Players 41-70. Price 6-8 credits each.
    CATEGORY D: Players 71-100. Price 5 credits each.

    Click Here to view the list of ATP players and prices

    It is your responsibility to "scout" the players in assembling your team. The team you have at the start of each tournament is the team you're playing.

    Your team must be posted by the start of play in Estoril, Valencia, and Houston (that is, the start of play for the tournament that begins first). All three events are scheduled to begin on Monday, April 14, 2008.

    Click Here to post your team

    If you have any questions or comments about how this contest works, feel free to post them in the Ask Questions here thread

    Click Here for the Ask Questions Here thread

    Click Here to visit the Slide Into Paris Lounge
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