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    Re: Tennis Players Random, Random

    Rafa vs Maribel via IG. She's his sister.


    It's very similar to

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    Re: Covid19 & Tennis

    The first thing he did was, after the US Open crowd cheered for Monfils to win his match against Isner, which he did,
    Isner said that he couldn't

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    Re: Tennis on TV - 2020

    It’s not live, but new tennis on TV coming up on CBS in 15 minutes: some WTT expo that was played earlier this year

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    Re: Tennis Players Random, Random

    Sveta and her dog Dolce

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    Re: Covid19 & Tennis

    Expand on Isner being a jerk. I agree, his game is not the most visually pleasing. He and Ivo are indeed pure "One Serve, one stroke" players.

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    The great ones don't jitterbug

    I wrote this piece in 2011, but never posted it. Therefore, my excuses if the names are by now outdated, but the concept remains.

    I was subject during a recent tennis broadcast to the...

    ponchi101 03-27-2020 09:31 AM

    The dumbest shot

    The story made it to some tennis magazine.
    Andre Agassi went to an amusement park while playing the Cincinnati Open and got into a batting cage. The attendant set it to a moderate pace, which Agassi...

    ponchi101 03-01-2020 08:25 AM

    Argentina. Five photos (5)

    It rains in the desert.
    I came to these prairies in 2011, to a project called Las Carceles. It translates to The Prisons, and the legend I was told was that in the past the rulers of this country...

    ponchi101 01-29-2020 04:00 PM

    Argentina. Five photos (4)

    A peculiar tradition in South America is that one of setting up small shrines on the sides of roads, where an accident has taken the life of a loved one. You can see them in almost all countries,...

    ponchi101 01-08-2020 04:12 AM

    Argentina. Five photos (3)

    The Ministerio de Obras Publicas (Ministry of Public Works, a common way in South America to designate the institution that in theory builds public structures) is located in a peculiar location. It...

    ponchi101 01-01-2020 02:14 PM