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    Re: Talk about Rankings (TAR :))

    Just looked at the ranking history of Federer. Roger joined the top 10 for the first time May 20th 2002 at age 20. The top 10 that day looked like this

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    Re: WTA P5 Qatar 2/12 - 2/17 2018

    WTA Insider Verified account @WTA_insider
    Wozniacki: "She has a difficult game to play against when she's on, but as well when she

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    Re: ATP M500 Rotterdam 2/12 - 2/18 2018

    Mentioned in the Marseille thread, but should be here also. Goffin retires after ball hits him in the eye. What has he done to anger the gods of freak

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    Re: WTA P5 Qatar 2/12 - 2/17 2018

    Caro tried very hard and was close several times, but it wasn't to be... Normally I'd say Petra a big favorite in the final, but fitness freak she's not

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    Re: WTA P5 Qatar 2/12 - 2/17 2018

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    The loneliest drive. II

    The man I reached was un-doubtfully my brother. In mind. His body now betraying him was growing hollow, just what remained of a life. I reached his bed and sat next to him. I took his hand, not a...

    ponchi101 02-06-2018 07:35 AM

    The loneliest drive. I

    The message was too blunt and direct to mean anything that would be good. “Call A. Urgent”. I had received messages like that before but always with a disclaimer or a little smiling emoji. There was...

    ponchi101 02-06-2018 07:28 AM

    The "head-to-head" significance (or lack there of)

    Why "head-to-head" is a flawed criteria and SHOULD NOT be considered as a criteria in any serious discussion, which tries to judge objectively.

    In court, when one side...

    mick1303 01-31-2018 01:08 PM


    The nightmare is in layers.
    I am sleeping, easily. Next to me, M sleeps also. She is, like I am, prone to nightmares. I can feel in the darkness that she is stirring, a sign that a bad dream is...

    ponchi101 12-11-2017 03:17 PM

    Logbook to despair. Part XI

    And just like that, my passport is issued. I go and retrieve it, I get a couple of other things done, I am able to finish all I came to do.
    And it is time to leave home, to go home.
    I find myself...

    ponchi101 10-28-2017 02:08 PM