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    Re: Tennis Players Random, Random

    Will there be a new queen and king of elevator selfies?


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    Re: Injury and Illness

    Francesca Schiavone
    "HI everyone, upon 7-8 of silence from social media and from the world, I wish to share with you what

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    Re: Tennis Coaching Merry-Go-Round

    Was this question directed at me? If so, I think you misunderstood what I meant. I don't think their relationship was bad for either of them, I think

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    Re: Tennis Coaching Merry-Go-Round

    Hopefully Marcos neglects to teach her how to blow out snot on the court.

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    Re: Tennis Coaching Merry-Go-Round

    I find it a fascinating move by Svitolina. No one has ever thought of Baghs as a coach as far as I know and while she is still in the top ten there were

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    Logbook to the middle ages. END

    I sit at the Nene Theresa airport. It is early in the morning and I wait for my plane to land, turnaround and take me back home. As I suspected, the Nene Theresa is clean and shiny but at this time...

    ponchi101 09-22-2019 07:55 AM

    Logbook to the middle ages. XIX

    I spend my last afternoon in Albania roaming the streets of downtown Tirana.
    As I was driven there I could see a more modern side of the country. The road became a serviceable two lane highway, with...

    ponchi101 09-21-2019 08:41 AM

    Logbook to the middle ages. XVIII

    And on my last Sunday in Berat I went to church.
    I woke up early and strolled the same boulevard that on every night is full of people, teeming with excitement and joy. But in the early hours of the...

    ponchi101 09-19-2019 08:30 AM

    Logbook to the middle ages. XVII

    There is no discrimination in discriminating. Everybody can do it and everybody is actually very good at it.
    The company I work with is French. We are joined to an Italian outfit and the supervisory...

    ponchi101 09-17-2019 08:17 AM

    Logbook to the middle ages. XVI

    But what about this thing that I do? This thing that I and my friends do.
    I start talking with one of the old guys (older than me, that is, as I am already a senior in these matters) and we talk...

    ponchi101 09-15-2019 09:05 AM