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    Re: '20 AO Day 1 OoP & Discussion

    That was a dismal performance. She won one of the first eighteen points in the third set, and yes, was just watching some of the balls coming back to/by

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    '20 AO Day 2 OoP & Discussion

    I'm not here to post the entire OOP, but rather say that Martinez Vilella is playing today. I expect... no, no, no... I demand that as the winner of the

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    Re: '20 AO Day 1 OoP & Discussion

    He's channeling his inner Zoolander

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    Re: '20 AO Day 1 OoP & Discussion

    It looked like she did not care about the match.

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    Re: '20 AO Day 1 OoP & Discussion

    Sloane doesn't seem to be in as good a physical condition as in past years. It looks like she's carrying a bit of extra weight, and she appears sluggish

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    Argentina. Five photos (4)

    A peculiar tradition in South America is that one of setting up small shrines on the sides of roads, where an accident has taken the life of a loved one. You can see them in almost all countries,...

    ponchi101 01-08-2020 05:12 AM

    Argentina. Five photos (3)

    The Ministerio de Obras Publicas (Ministry of Public Works, a common way in South America to designate the institution that in theory builds public structures) is located in a peculiar location. It...

    ponchi101 01-01-2020 03:14 PM

    Argentina. Five photos (2)

    New York city maybe prides itself of being the city that never sleeps, a place where everything is open 24 hours a day. The subway always runs, the hot dog vendors are always running. Money is being...

    ponchi101 12-27-2019 05:38 AM

    Argentina. Five photos (1)

    If you walk the business blocks of downtown Buenos Aires, you may bump into La Morada. It is a small indistinct locale, at least 75 years old, with an old wooden door that gives you no previews of...

    ponchi101 12-25-2019 03:14 PM

    Logbook to the middle ages. END

    I sit at the Nene Theresa airport. It is early in the morning and I wait for my plane to land, turnaround and take me back home. As I suspected, the Nene Theresa is clean and shiny but at this time...

    ponchi101 09-22-2019 07:55 AM