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    Please find below Sunday’s results from the 2014 ITF Beach Tennis World Team Championship that took place in Moscow, Russia on 17-20 July. Italy, the 2012 champion, regained the title with a 2-0 victory over defending champion Brazil. A total of 24 teams took part in the third edition of the event.

    The Team Championship is a mixed competition in which nations compete against each other on a knock-out basis. Each team is comprised of two men and two women, with ties consisting of a men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles rubber.

    The Team Championship joins the individual ITF Beach Tennis World Championships as the flagship events on the ITF Beach Tennis Tour. Since the launch of the Tour in 2008, worldwide participation has continued to grow each year. The 2014 Tour will see around 200 events held in 37 countries, while 54 nations are currently represented in the ITF Beach Tennis World Rankings.

    For news and completed scores, please visit the ITF Beach Tennis website: www.itftennis.com/beachtennis



    (2) ITALY defeated (1) BRAZIL 2-0
    Federica Bachetta/Sofia Cimatti (ITA) d. Joana Cortez/Lorena Melo (BRA) 61 62
    Alessandro Calbucci/Marco Garavini (ITA) d. Marcus Ferreira/Vinicius Font (BRA) 61 61
    Mixed doubles not played

    3rd-4th Place Play-Off

    (5) RUSSIA defeated (6) GERMANY 3-0
    Daria Churakova/Ekaterina Kirgizova (RUS) d. Dorothee Berreth/Carina Blank (GER) 62 75
    Nikita Burmakin/Sergey Kupstov (RUS) d. Alexander Bailer/Oliver Munz (GER) 63 62
    Nikita Burmakin/Daria Churakova (RU) d. Alexander Bailer/Dorothee Berreth (GER) 41 53

    5th-6th Place Play--Off

    (8) SPAIN defeated (3) VENEZUELA 2-0
    Maria Pilar Escandell/Maria Rosa Sitja (ESP) d. Lady Correa/Patricia Diaz (VEN) 64 64
    Antomi Ramos-Viera/Saulo Tejada (ESP) d. Ramon Guedez/Pedro Penalver (VEN) 46 62 [10-6]
    Mixed doubles not played

    7th-8th Place Play-Off

    (4) JAPAN defeated (7) PORTUGAL 2-1
    Tomomi Takahashi/Kaori Yanase (JPN) d. Ana Pereira/Susana Pereira (POR) 64 60
    Pedro Correia/Filipe Rebelo (POR) d. Hideki Iwasaka/Susumu Kawashima (JPN) w/o
    Tomomi Takahashi/Susumu Kawashima (JPN) d. Filipe Rebelo/Ana Pereira (POR) 62 62

    9th–10th Place Play-Off

    FRANCE defeated SAN MARINO 3-0
    Marie-Eve Hoarau/Mathilde Hoarau (FRA) d. Alice Grandi/Camilla Zafferani (SMR) 62 62
    Raphael Jannel/Jeremy Pont (FRA) d. Nicolo Bombini/Davide Pedini (SMR) 76(4) 76(4)
    Raphael Jannel/Marie-Eve Hoarau (FRA) d. Nicolo Bombini/Alice Grandi (SMR) 24 54(0) 54(5)

    11th–12th Place Play-Off

    ESTONIA defeated LITHUANIA 2-1
    Ana Maret/Anelle Luik (EST) d. Evelina Abaraviciute/Gabriele Sinskaite (LTU) 64 46 [10-8]
    Skirmantas Macinskas/Jurgis Rudgalvis (LTU) d. Ott Ahonen/Ainar Laube (EST) 63 62
    Ainar Laube/Anelle Luik (EST) d. Luidzi Pakula/Evelina Abaraviciute (EST) 46 64 [10-3]

    13th–14th Place Play-Off

    CYPRUS defeated HUNGARY 2-1
    Monika Erdelyi/Zsuzsanna Kovacs (HUN) d. Marianna Tsakkistou/Antria Tsangaridou (CYP) 60 76(5)
    Petros Baghdatis/Christopher Koutrouzas (CYP) d. Mate Endrody/Benedek Molnar (HUN) 60 61
    Petros Baghdatis/Antria Tsangaridou (CYP) d. Monika Erdelyi/Mate Endrody (HUN) 62 63

    15th–16th Place Play-Off

    BELGIUM defeated BELARUS 3-0
    Annouck Meys/Linde Mues (BEL) d. Olga Barabanschikova/Natalia Zvereva (BLR) w/o
    Tom Beke/Joris Mees (BEL) d. Pavel Kotliarov/Ihar Lakhvich (BLR) 63 63
    Joris Mees/Annouck Meys (BEL) d. Pavel Kotliarov/Olga Barabanschikova (BLR) 41 40

    17th–18th Place Play-Off

    GREECE defeated SWITZERLAND 2-1
    Eveline Egger/Laura Galli (SUI) d. Varvara Katakalidou/Aspasia Sotiriadou (GRE) 62 63
    Giorgos Martinis/Vasilis Mavraganis (GRE) d. Kevin Fischer/Yves Fornasier (SUI) 46 61 [10-8]
    Giorgos Martinis/Aspasia Sotiriadou (GRE) d. Yves Fornasier/Eveline Egger (SUI) 64 16 [10-8]

    19th–20th Place Play-Off

    ISRAEL defeated THAILAND 2-1
    Bongkoch Bortisa/Rada Manataweewat (THA) d. Alona Pushkarevsky/Maayan Sela (ISR) 67(4) 75 [10-8]
    Lior Brik/Danila Kourkoulin (ISR) d. Khunpol Issara/Chin Kampanatsanyakorn (THA) 62 62
    Lior Brik/Alona Pushkarevsky (ISR) d. Oran Tungvongkij/Rada Manataweewat (THA) 62 60

    21st–22nd Place Play-Off

    BULGARIA defeated LATVIA 3-0
    Katerina Guenova/Diyana Miteva (BUL) d. Audrina Inga/Ilona Gilberte (LAT) 61 75
    Emil Argirov/Rosen Nentched (BUL) d. Andris Antonovos/Oskars Vaskis (LAT) 61 61
    Rosen Nentched/Katerina Guenova (BUL) d. Andris Antonovos/Ilona Gilberte (LAT) 40 42

    23rd–24th Place Play-Off

    GREAT BRITAIN defeated CHINA, P.R. 3-0
    Suzy Madge/Gemma Sgariglia (GBR) d. Fang Chunxue/Cili Yongzong (CHN) 62 62
    James McCabe/Richard Wheeler (GBR) d. Zhu Dingqiang/Sun Hong (CHN) 61 62
    James McCabe/Suzy Madge (GBR) d. Zhu Dingqiang/Cili Yongzong (CHN) 40 41

    5th–8th Place Play-Offs

    (8) SPAIN defeated (4) JAPAN 2-0
    Maria Pilar Escandell/Maria Rosa Sitja (ESP) d.Tomomi Takahashi/Kaori Yanase (JPN) 63 63
    Antomi Ramos-Viera/Saulo Tejada (ESP) d. Hideki Iwasaka/Susumu Kawashima (JPN) 63 64
    Mixed doubles not played

    (3) VENEZUELA defeated (7) PORTUGAL 2-0
    Lady Correa/Patricia Diaz (VEN) d. Ana Pereira/Susana Pereira (POR) 61 61
    Ramon Guedez/Pedro Penalver (VEN) d. Pedro Correia/Filipe Rebelo (POR) 75 63
    Mixed doubles not played

    13th-16th Place Play-Offs

    HUNGARY defeated BELARUS 2-1
    Monika Elderlyi/Zsuzsanna Kovacs (HUN) d. Olga Barabanschikova/Natalia Zvereva (BLR) w/o
    Pavel Kotliarov/Ihar Lakhvich (BLR) d. Mate Endrody/Benedek Molnar (HUN) 36 61 [10-5]
    Mate Endrody/Monika Elderlyi (HUN) d. Olga Barabanschikova/Pavel Kotliarov (BLR) 75 61

    CYPRUS defeated BELGIUM 2-0
    Marianna Tsakkistou/Antria Tsangaridou (CYP) d. Annouck Meys/Linde Mues (CYP) 26 75 [10-5]
    Petros Baghdatis/Christopher Koutrouzas (CYP) d. Tom Beke/Joris Mees (CYP) 62 64
    Mixed doubles not played
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