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Coming Down from a High: Post-IW Reminiscences (Part 1)

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I'll add to this later, but we've all agreed that blogging our experience at the Pacific Life Open is best done in several parts, like savoring a fine wine, so that we can get down all our thoughts with the appropriate amount of drooling emotion delivered to each item. Moose is planning on bulleting his as a list of 50 memories (I think... don't hold me to it...) so I will take my own tack and write about it using a lot of florid prose, stream-of-consciousness style (thank you Virginia Woolf), with the obvious inclusion of lots of long paragraphs, parenthetical expressions, and ellipses (bien sr).

Upon arriving in Palm Springs, my first thought was "Damn I need this." The balmy air and palm tree-laden backdrop provided the kind of natural high that, after 11 hours of being in airports and on planes-- which only came after 23 straight days of work without a day off-- the human body desperately needs once in a while. Not being a fan of winter in general, I have been extremely tired of this year's Michigan winter; to be sure, it's one of the worst in the past ten years and saw the canceling of school four(!) times this season.

Scotty and aedra rescued me from airport hell and we egressed to the Caliente Tropics Hotel (muy caliente!) and I got to meet my fellow TaTeurs and TaTeuses that I had not gotten to see at the USO Tailgate--Jessie and Danielle-- who were hanging around the pool in general merriment. That first night there, kibitzing with my friends old and new, set the pace for how we'd all gel for the next four days. We made fun of unfortunate-looking men in Speedos (maybe we'll get him next time, nelslus...) and became even closer friends through our (very informative and statistics-infused) discussion of a (TaT-favorite???) WTA'er: Jill Craybas, who is currently making her way, with, perhaps, Greta Arn, to the Nasdaq. See you in Miami, Jill!

I'll admit right now that I don't remember as much about Day 1 at the PLO (ooh that's an unfortunate acronym for the tournament) as I do about the other two, but I will attempt to do it justice. Most of it stems from a three-hour-plus match right off the bat between Tipsy n Janko and some other guy. (For the -2 of you who need to know, he beat Tipsy in a third-set tiebreak, then lost in a third-set tiebreak in the next round. Check the draw, as his name will not be mentioned in this blog due to a complete lack of not caring by your poster.) All of us, with the exception of aedra and Moose (poor poor them), left for the second set to scour the grounds. What some of the others did I have no idea, since I headed for a doubles match with my namesake and his adorable partner PEHK. They lost in a match tiebreak, mostly because of PEHK (sorry Moose). Still, one hell of an attractive doubles pairing. (Even nelslus admitted that Jarkko is more attractive in person.) This brings me to a tangent I need to address: the players on tour are much more attractive in person than on the telly. Even Stepanek and Llodra really are nice-looking in person.

Later on Day 1, we saw Spiderman on the practice courts: R-Fed was on one of the practice courts wearing an awesome red shirt with a spider on it; he looked awesome. Danielle never moved from her spot and took tons of pictures (when she wasn't ogling, that is...) but I left for a short while to go join Moose who had espied Guga practicing a few courts down. Such a sad story; he didn't look particularly anything, but God bless him he was doing his best. I guess we'll see in Miami.

------breaking for now------

Stay tuned for part 2 soon

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  1. GVGirl's Avatar
    Cool. Can't wait for part 2! Guga will be in Miami, he has a wildcard.
  2. mmmm8's Avatar
    Oh, how can you not care THAT much for Massu? That match probably featured the 4 most expressive (and somewhat scary) eyes on the ATP tour, between Janko and el Diablo.
  3. beaujarkko's Avatar
    Meh, I just don't, though your point is well-taken.

    Also, just so you know, I bought a little writing tablet before I got on the plane and wrote another 16 paragraphs, just on day 2 alone(!) so we'll have a LONG part two before long!
  4. Jay's Avatar
    Awesome blog! It was great meeting you, finally
    y'all can thank me later for telling Salmon that Fed was practicing
    The practice courts were definitely were all of the big players were. Salmon and I were watching Safina/Craybas while you were watching PEHK, I believe...not sure where everyone else was, though.
  5. aedra1119's Avatar
    Great blog! How funny is this. As I was sitting in the airport, I decided to start writing my thoughts, and a lot of them are eerily similar to yours! I might need to do some revising.
  6. Madame's Avatar
    Come on Beau, you gotta be kidding. Comparing poor ugly Stepanek (how he gets all those girls is just beyond me) with wonderful great looking and smiling Llodra

    I am shocked. But otherwise, waiting with much expectations to your wonderful prose in the next 16 promised pages.
  7. beaujarkko's Avatar
    You're right of course, Madame... I didn't mean to imply that Radek was as attractive as Michael, only that they both looked better in person; and, since Llodra started off better, he DEFINITELY looked better upon sight

    Also, Jessie, thank you thank you for finding Roger on the practice courts. I think Danielle left her heart there, lol.

    By the way, I can't believe I did this, but I left my notebook at home, so I'm not going to start typing part deux until tonight... bummers.
  8. Danielle's Avatar
    Great stuff, Beau! Can't wait for part 2....and I totally agree about them looking better in person. Radek really surprised me! I mean, Nicole can still have him but still, in person was an improvement.

    And LOL about Roger - indeed, I don't think you could wipe the smile from my face. And yes, I did basically did stay rooted to my spot while he practiced only to give it up once we all left to play the TATI. See the sacrifices I make for you guys?
  9. Moose's Avatar
    thanks for a great Day 1 narrative, BJ. I almost felt guilty about not catching the doubles on Day , but I' glad I stuck out the Tipsy match. I think it added (if that is even possible) to my IW experience.

    Look forward to Day 2's tales, as we that were there have a sneaky suspicion that might have been your favorite day.