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French Masters

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An all-french masters how does that sound ?

To encourage french men's high level tennis and bring more french players and excitement to french tournaments, a new concept is born: The all-french Masters.

How does it work:

4 tourneys: Marseille, Lyon, Metz and the Bercy Masters.
The french (only) players add-up points in those tourneys and the 7 best ranked in the special french masters ranking will be selected for the masters. There is one wild-card by the officials ...

The Masters:
Where: In Toulouse in the brand new Palais des sports (it was rebuilt after we had a big industrial explosion in Toulouse in 2001 that destroyed a whole area and the old sports arena).

When: December 17th to 21st, for the AO warm up of our little frenchies (and a great christmas present for the toulousains !)
Organisation: two pools of four players play against each other (six matches per pool). The winners play the final and the seconds play for third place.

Dotation: 600. 000 euros (200.000 for the winner)

This revives the old french championships and in the same time push the french players to play all the french events.

The points are scored by taking the ATP points a player gains from each of the four cited tournaments. So actual rankings are:

I'll keep you updated with the rankings ...

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Updated 02-19-2008 at 05:28 AM by Madame



  1. Jay's Avatar

    I have family in Toulouse
  2. rabbit's Avatar
    This sounds great, Madame! Hope you can make it to some of them
  3. Madame's Avatar
    I doubt it rabbit. Toulouse is a bit far away, but the matches should be viewable on french TV so great fun anyway in a period where there usually is no live tennis
  4. oohsalmon's Avatar
    Cool indeed!

    But no femmes?
  5. Madame's Avatar
    nope salmon, not for now ...
    Maybe if the thing works out nice, they will include the women ... who knows.
  6. Playa C's Avatar
    Tsonga is the best damn French player in a pretty good while now. Maybe he can win the French and whip NAdal.
  7. oohsalmon's Avatar
    I wonder why Roland Garros (and maybe even Monte Carlo) aren't included.
  8. mmmm8's Avatar
    Love it!