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Who are the Brie Whiteheads and Federers in the Booth? PT.1

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Well.....i think most tennis fans would agree that our commentators are not quite up to snuff with other commentators in the sports world. They have you thinking..."Wow what drugs arent they doing!" and "other comments along those lines. So this will be the first part of my commentators list so feel free to add on comments other names of commentators i forgot.

Mary Carillo- Well i must say she is despised by a large number of the tennis community and she very well deserves to be. She flip-flops here biased comments way too often and to be quite honest should just shut up for once. I admit she does know her stuff about tennis but sometimes her manly voice and occassional stupid comments override those facts. So she is a James Blake up in the booth. She knows how to do her profession well, but she always seems to screw it up somehow.

John McEnroe-He is like Carillo with the fact that sometimes he needs to shut up once in a while. He is generrellally intelligent but sometimes he starts talking about himself a little too much, but i still enjoy his comments. So he would be like a Nadia Petrova with that he has his moments but he cant go through a match without one of his rants.

Patrick McEnroe-Well where do i start. He is so very biased while discussing American male players is amazing he still has a job. During matches his commentary might be a little better if he stopped checking out James Blake and Andy Roddick during the matches. Also his 'DROPPER' comment annoys the hell out of me. I could tell you every time he is about to say it. He is this is a tough one, maybe CHHCR for the annoying one line comment like Allez and Dropper...yeah that works

Mary Joe Fernandez- I must say she is a very good commentator who knows her stuff. The great part about her is that she seems to have a very nice relationship with most of the female players but thats really it IMO. She should stay up in the booth for the womens matches but she can stay courtside for mens matches. She would be a Sugiyama of commentary who got far with very little.

Pam Schriver-Well, cant stand her. She really adds very little to the booth with a lot of nonesense comments with some terrible jokes that are never funny. She should stay courtside where we are only forced to listen to her once in a while. She really is close to Brie Whitehead in commentating but not that bad, she is more like a Tommy Robredo who is the joke of the top of the mens game while Schriver is the joke of the commentating booth, and not in a good way.

Ok so there are my five featured commentators, next time the main feature of the blog will be for Dick Enberg and Ted Robinson's offspring (Thanks Jessie for this).

PS Leave comments on who i should also feature in oncoming blogs

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  1. Jay's Avatar
    Tracy!! you should have added TRACY!!
    lol other than that, I think you have most of them.

    Nice blog!

    and thanks for the shoutout!
  2. Tscott415's Avatar
    Jessie Tracy will be included in the next segment notice i said part one at the top
  3. jjnow's Avatar
    I admit to being a fan of J-Mac, Drysdale, and MJF. I could without most of the rest.
  4. Tscott415's Avatar
    Yeah JJ i like J-Mac, Drysdale and MJF but they are not my favorite thats for sure
  5. munchin's Avatar
    Where's Cliffy? I enjoy him even though he makes constant mistakes. He loses his train of thought all the time, too. But he is just so endearing. I would just be horribly offended if he were to be elminated from his position.
  6. Danielle's Avatar
    Cliffy's worn down my last nerve, I must admit. He seems to get quite uptight if there isn't talking over every second of a match and I don't get anything out of his commentary...but then that could just be cuz I've stopped listening.