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Logbook to the middle ages. XVII

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There is no discrimination in discriminating. Everybody can do it and everybody is actually very good at it.
The company I work with is French. We are joined to an Italian outfit and the supervisory company is British. There are some Spaniards in the crew too, but not that many. So I am surrounded by a lot of nationalities that once were Empires and still retain that idea that their great past immediately translates into current greatness, conveniently forgetting their current plights and tribulations. Conveniently forgetting the quality of the men they currently produce (and yes, I will say men this time to single us out).
So to discriminate against the Albanians is easy. Upon arrival I once mentioned that there were a lot of Mercedes Benz’s in Albania and one quick and witty empire builder immediately spat “well, they are probably all stolen from Europe”. To a man they all make the point that Albania is not Europe really, that it is some sort of outside phenomena. That fact that it is surrounded by Greece, Turkey, other Balkan states and the Adriatic Sea seems to be of no geographical importance. Albania is not Europe. Even if I do not know why.
The joke about Albania’s youth being good for nothing other than hot-wiring cars and escaping the law is repeated later, again by another Empire builder who comments that there are no young Albanian workers in the crew because they are “back home stealing cars”. The comment does not go down well with my young Albanian assistant, a hard working man that helps us in the same way that a Swiss Army knife would help a man stranded in a deserted island.
In a conversation with the Italians they mention that all the Africans washing upon their shores do nothing, living from checks cut from them, the hard working Italians that pay taxes. The Spaniards utter the same feelings when talking about the Moors that cross Gibraltar and set camp in northern Spain, also doing nothing and living of welfare paid by hard working Spaniards. And the French do the same COPY-PASTE of the sentiment, simply doing a FIND-REPLACE and changing Moors for Africans again, as if France had never stormed through that continent to plunder its riches and resources.
And the subject touches me as if a dentist just touched an exposed nerve with some metal tool because I am a citizen of a country that is quickly becoming a nation of refugees and emigrants and I know that it will only be some time before we start being discriminated by a lot of people. Colombians are not there yet but Peruvians have already imposed visa requirements to Venezuelans, conveniently forgetting how Venezuela never placed travelling restrictions to them when they had Shining Path Guerrillas torching entire sections of their country. I wonder who will be the next to declare us undesirables.
And it is a pecking order in South American and here in Europe, and the Albanians are at the bottom and I wonder who they discriminate against. When you are the lowest of the low, who do you look down to?
The lazy, good for nothing Montenegrans, I guess.

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