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Am I even a fan of tennis anymore?

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This sort of broadly speaks to why I feel I have been becoming less of a tennis fan lately.

It's impossible to see any of it except for clip packages after the fact. I have to literally wade through seedy websites to find streaming feeds that are likely trying to give my computer STDs the whole way.

I don't really want to pay yet another monthly subscription fee to be able to see any matches.

Even the USO Finals I really did scour my basic cable channel lineup to find it then gave up. Tried the ESPN website and it barred me access without some additional payed subscription. Made a halfhearted attempt at other streaming and balked at the first multi-popup cancer page.

I can't even say what I am at this point. Probably not really a professional tennis fan, anymore, but what? Hobbyist who plays a little? Mildly interested in the storylines and seeing the highlights that I can? I guess I can't say I care enough because I'm unwilling to shell out extra money to access the pro sport. But it's kinda depressing to me. I so fondly remember digesting Slams live through NBC and the like. Being able to watch matches.

I used to be able to lightly discuss the big tournaments with coworkers. That's been gone in recent years too. The lone exception being somewhat problematic conversations around "what Serena did" that one time. I do think it's again tied to the paywalls erected around the sport. No one sees it anymore, and is only aware of the big news cycle stories that reach them.

So this whole ramble is a little bit of mourning, I guess. Losing a friend in a way that has moved away from me. One that can only be lightly cyberstalked on short youtube clips.

Or perhaps it's just that they just built a wall around the property and want me to pay for it.

I'm still trying to digest and answer the question: am I a fan at this point?

I sincerely don't know the answer.

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  1. ponchi101's Avatar
    Go on a court. Hit some balls. See how you feel.
    If the sensation is happiness, you are still a fan.
  2. dave g's Avatar
    Sometimes I wonder if you have the question backwards: "Is professional tennis still a fan of us (the slightly more casual viewer)?"