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Logbook to the middle ages. XIV

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Then there is always another side.
When you have a town where there are not movie theaters or discos or anything alike, entertainment has to come from inventiveness. I am at a restaurant once and I see a table where a family is enjoying dinner while playing cards. It surprises me that both younger children, not young but not yet teenagers, are playing with their parents as opposed to the expected American, Techno European mode, which would be glued to their smartphones.
I walk down streets and I see the older men playing chess on boards tethering over a case of beers or an old stump. As I have said, the people in town walk down the streets and sit in cafes zipping those tiny Italian style cappuccinos. The pace of life is simply different.
I am with a friend at a bookstore and am surprised when the young girl with her father tells him (as far as I gather) to buy her a book. Twilight? Harry Potter? A precocious teen ready to read 50 Shades of Grey? No, she picks an Albanian copy of Hamlet, which I guess she will go and read up at the castle, letting her imagination provide the ghosts in the surrounding.
At the same castle I enjoy on Saturday night a lovely concert. A string quartet plus a piano play some lovely classical tunes that I canít make out and I wonder if I missed a lot of the traditional musical repertoire or it is classical Albanian music. If it is the latest I really wish somebody could guide me on what it is, as I sit there for a good hour before I start my walk back to my hotel, pleasantly hypnotized by the tunes.
Did we lose something in the west when we went full electronic? Yes, I know, I am romanticizing my surroundings and I am, after all, an old foggy that has been known to yell at the clouds. But when I see a youngster sitting at a table with his parents, a book by his side, I wonder if our progress has not been considerably sideways.
And if perhaps Albania and Berat keep that lovely old style and fashion and remain more in touch with itself.
I even dread of looking it up in Google. The irony would be too extreme.

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  1. GlennHarman's Avatar
    Wonderful note.....You expressed these scenarios so well I could feel myself actually being there. Thanks!! GH
  2. suliso's Avatar
    Me, my parents, sister and ten year old niece play cards or board games regularly. Maybe we're outdated too
  3. ponchi101's Avatar
    No. You are not outdated. Just a crazy Latvian.
    (I do play board games with my nephews. Just a crazy Vennie).