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ATP 2016 in numbers

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All the figures below are based on main draws of ATP tour only – challengers and lower tier events are not included. Qualification matches also not included.

All the data below is based on 66 ATP tournaments + Olympics + Davis Cup. Total matches taken into account – 2774

Ranking is based on the following point values:


All lower rounds calculated as 60% of next higher round.
If player got a bye to the next round and lost, he gets the number of points, corresponding to the first round.

Best total Ranking in non-Slam tournaments (weight 2.0 in overall weighted ranking):

Murray, Andy__________4258
Djokovic, Novak_______3271
Nishikori, Kei________2030
Raonic, Milos_________1785
Cilic, Marin__________1630
Nadal, Rafael_________1592
Thiem, Dominic________1562
Monfils, Gael_________1447
Wawrinka, Stanislas___1292
Goffin, David_________1264
Bautista, Roberto_____1260
Kyrgios, Nick_________1074
Dimitrov, Grigor______1028
Cuevas, Pablo_________1008
Zverev, Alexander______968
Berdych, Tomas_________951
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____928
Simon, Gilles__________825
Kohlschreiber, Philipp_820
Gasquet, Richard_______820

Murray swapped with Djokovic at #1-2. Nishikori moved from #6 last year to #3. Raonic from #14 to #4.
New faces in top 20 – Kyrgios, Zverev, Cuevas. Federer no longer present here. The end of the era is near…

Best total Ranking in Slams (weight - 4.0):

Djokovic, Novak_____2678
Murray, Andy________2416
Wawrinka, Stanislas_1537
Raonic, Milos_______1137
Nishikori, Kei_______836
Berdych, Tomas_______792
Federer, Roger_______720
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried__640
Thiem, Dominic_______615
Monfils, Gael________580
Pouille, Lucas_______483
Goffin, David________480
Ferrer, David________471
Bautista, Roberto____416
Isner, John__________416
Ramos, Albert________388
Cilic, Marin_________376
Kyrgios, Nick________364
Gasquet, Richard_____350
Sock, Jack___________333
Kuznetsov, Andrey____333

Novak was still better than Murray in the slams this year. Murray moved from #4 to #2. Raonic was missing last year so his rise to #4 is remarkable.
The “new faces” are Lucas Poulle, Kuznetsov, Sock and Ramos. None of them was visible enough for more than one slam yet, except Poulle – two quarterfinals in two last slams look promising.

Rated_ranking_(weight - 2.5):

Murray, Andy___________392.5882
Djokovic, Novak________371.8125
Federer, Roger_________157.5714
Raonic, Milos__________153.7895
Nishikori, Kei_________143.3000
Wawrinka, Stanislas____134.7143
Nadal, Rafael__________112.7500
Monfils, Gael__________112.6111
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried_____98.0000
Cilic, Marin____________87.2174
Berdych, Tomas__________87.1500
Thiem, Dominic__________80.6296
Kyrgios, Nick___________79.8889
Goffin, David___________69.7600
Bautista, Roberto_______67.0400
del Potro, Juan Martin__65.6429
Gasquet, Richard________61.5789
Sock, Jack______________60.1579
Pouille, Lucas__________57.9091
Isner, John_____________57.9000

Murray ascended to #1 from #3. Due to decent showing in Slams, Federer remained in top 3. New faces in top 20 are Thiem and Pouille. It is quite nice to see del Potro here again.

Win-loss percentage in non-Slam tournaments (weight - 1.5):

Murray, Andy___________90.16
Djokovic, Novak________86.27
Raonic, Milos__________74.00
Nadal, Rafael__________73.91
Kyrgios, Nick__________73.17
del Potro, Juan Martin_72.22
Nishikori, Kei_________71.67
Monfils, Gael__________71.43
Thiem, Dominic_________69.23
Federer, Roger_________68.75
Cilic, Marin___________67.21
Wawrinka, Stanislas____66.67
Bautista, Roberto______66.67
Zverev, Alexander______66.10
Gasquet, Richard_______65.12
Goffin, David__________65.00
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____64.86
Sock, Jack_____________63.04
Carreno-Busta, Pablo___62.71
Muller, Gilles_________62.26

Murray moved from #3 to #1. Kyrgious from outside top 20 all the way to #5. Younger Zverev entered top 20 for the first time. Federer plummeted from #3 to #10.

Matches won in non-Slams events (weight – 0.7):

Murray, Andy___________55
Thiem, Dominic_________45
Djokovic, Novak________44
Nishikori, Kei_________43
Cilic, Marin___________41
Goffin, David__________39
Zverev, Alexander______39
Bautista, Roberto______38
Carreno-Busta, Pablo___37
Raonic, Milos__________37
Monfils, Gael__________35
Nadal, Rafael__________34
Muller, Gilles_________33
Kohlschreiber, Philipp_32
Dimitrov, Grigor_______32
Wawrinka, Stanislas____30
Cuevas, Pablo__________30
Kyrgios, Nick__________30
Sock, Jack_____________29
Gasquet, Richard_______28

Murray moved from #2 to #1, Thiem also bypassed Djokovic and landed at #2 (was #14 last year). Federer is out of top 20 along with Ferrer and Berdych.
New faces are: Zverev (all the way to #7!), Carreno-Busta, Cuevas, Kyrgios.

Win-loss percentage in Slams (weight - 2.5):

Djokovic, Novak________91.30
Murray, Andy___________88.46
Wawrinka, Stanislas____84.21
Federer, Roger_________83.33
Berdych, Tomas_________81.25
Nishikori, Kei_________78.95
Raonic, Milos__________78.95
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____76.47
Monfils, Gael__________75.00
del Potro, Juan Martin_75.00
Thiem, Dominic_________73.33
Goffin, David__________71.43
Nadal, Rafael__________71.43
Ferrer, David__________71.43
Isner, John____________71.43
Gasquet, Richard_______70.00
Bautista, Roberto______69.23
Kyrgios, Nick__________69.23
Pouille, Lucas_________69.23
Cilic, Marin*__________66.67

* Shared with 3 other players.

Djokovic kept his #1 place here, Murray switched with Wavrinka at 2 and 3. In my estimate this is the most conservative category – the hardest one for a new player to enter.
We have only two new faces here – Thiem and Pouille.

Matches won in Slams (weight – 1.4):

Murray, Andy__________23
Djokovic, Novak_______21
Wawrinka, Stanislas___16
Nishikori, Kei________15
Raonic, Milos_________15
Berdych, Tomas________13
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried___13
Thiem, Dominic________11
Goffin, David_________10
Isner, John___________10
Ferrer, David_________10
Federer, Roger________10
Pouille, Lucas_________9
Kyrgios, Nick__________9
Monfils, Gael__________9
Bautista, Roberto______9
Sock, Jack_____________8
Ramos-Vinolas, Albert__8
Cilic, Marin___________8
Kuznetsov, Andrey______8

Everything comes to an end. So did Novak’s dominance in Slams. Wawrinka is still in the top 3. New faces are Thiem, Pouille, Sock, Ramos, Kuznetsov.

Tournaments won (weight – 2.0):

Murray, Andy___________9
Djokovic, Novak________7
Wawrinka, Stanislas____4
Thiem, Dominic_________4
Kyrgios, Nick__________3
Bautista, Roberto______2
Cilic, Marin___________2
Gasquet, Richard_______2
Karlovic, Ivo__________2
del Potro, Juan Martin_2*
Nadal, Rafael__________2
Cuevas, Pablo__________2
Carreno-Busta, Pablo___2
del Bonis, Federico____2
Klizan, Martin_________2

Two years ago 7 tournament wins allowed Djokovic to headline the list. Now it is only good for 2nd place due to Murray remarkable year.
Karlovic made the list first time since 2007.
New faces are Kyrgios, Carreno-Busta, Cuevas, del Bonis, Klizan.
* - this is a reminder that I award a tournament win for the player who won live singles rubber in DC final, while being on the winning team.

% of tournaments won out of all entered (weight – 2.0):

Murray, Andy____________52.94
Djokovic, Novak_________43.75
Wawrinka, Stanislas_____19.05
Kyrgios, Nick___________16.67
Thiem, Dominic__________14.81
del Potro, Juan Martin__14.29
Nadal, Rafael___________12.50
Klizan, Martin__________11.76
Gasquet, Richard________10.53
Khachanov, Karen________10.00
Cilic, Marin_____________8.70
Mayer, Florian___________8.33
Cuevas, Pablo____________8.00
Bautista, Roberto________8.00
del Bonis, Federico______8.00
Karlovic, Ivo____________8.00
Carreno-Busta, Pablo_____7.14
Monaco, Juan_____________6.67
Monfils, Gael____________5.56
Schwartzman, Diego_______5.56

Murray moved from #3 to sharing #1. Kyrgios from not having tournament wins at all to # 4, Thiem from #10 to #5. Two yeasr in a row in top 10 is remarkable – his progress is steady. New faces are Khachanov, Carreno-Busta, del Bonis.

Longest winning streaks (weight – 0.8):

Murray, Andy___________24
Djokovic, Novak________14
Nadal, Rafael__________13
Wawrinka, Stanislas____10
Thiem, Dominic__________9
Cuevas, Pablo___________9
Monfils, Gael___________9
Raonic, Milos___________9
Kyrgios, Nick___________8
Cilic, Marin____________8
Bautista, Roberto_______8
Karlovic, Ivo___________8
Querrey, Sam____________8
Johnson, Steve__________8
del Potro, Juan Martin__7
Carreno-Busta, Pablo____7
Zverev, Alexander_______7
Lopez, Feliciano________7

Streaks are streaks – so there is always a bit of kaleidoscope in this category. Only the very best persist here. Murray switched his last year’s 4th place with non-remarkable 10 wins streak for 1st place with 24 (and still running). Nadal reminded us that he is still an active player. Djokovic, Thiem, Cuevas (sic!), Karlovic (yes, he is!) are only other players who were in the top 20 in this category last year.

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  1. mick1303's Avatar
    Overall weighted ranking:

    Murray, Andy__________18.783
    Djokovic, Novak_______17.197
    Wawrinka, Stanislas___10.343
    Raonic, Milos__________8.871
    Nishikori, Kei_________8.362
    Thiem, Dominic_________8.181
    Monfils, Gael__________7.092
    Kyrgios, Nick__________7.019
    Berdych, Tomas_________6.989
    Nadal, Rafael__________6.918
    Cilic, Marin___________6.741
    Bautista, Roberto______6.557
    Federer, Roger_________6.460
    Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____6.284
    del Potro, Juan Martin_6.177
    Goffin, David__________5.965
    Gasquet, Richard_______5.957
    Pouille, Lucas_________5.629
    Ferrer, David__________5.266
    Karlovic, Ivo__________5.220

    Murray ascended to #1, Wawrinka traded his last year’s #4 for #3. Raonic was already in top 10 in 2014, missed last year with injuries, but rebounded more than nicely – all the way to #4. Nishikori, Thiem moving up, while Federer, Nadal, Ferrer – down. New faces in top 20 are Kyrgios and Pouille.

    Murray’s 2016 landed at #16 of the best years in the Open Era. Behind Nadal’s 2010 and ahead of Lendl’s 1985.