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tennis - this funny game

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Tennis: this funny game

Things that make no sense..
· If they want to hit the ball to the other end of the court, why do they put up a net in the middle of the court to stop it?
· If you want to hit the ball with a bat, why make a big round hole in its head? then, having made the hole, why fill it up with string?
· If the idea is to hit the ball, why do they hold it at the end which is solid and use the other end, the one with a big hole, to hit the ball with?
· If you can only hit one ball at a time, why do they want to use 6 balls ?
· Why do they allow two attempts just to get the ball in play when you allow only one attempt to make any other shot?
· Why do they say ‘love’ for ‘zero’? when love is the only thing that makes life worth living?
· After ‘fifteen’ and ‘thirty’ why do they score it ‘forty’ and not ‘forty five’?
· Why do they curse when the score is even: ‘deuce’ is a polite form of ‘devil’.. and then fine players for cursing? Why curse at all anyway just because the score is even? Isn’t a close game more fun?
· Why is it called the ‘serve’ when it is actually a lethal weapon?
· Why don’t they let the receiver volley the serve if he wants to?
· Why do they let hordes of people into the stands to watch the game and then expect to keep quiet during a point?
· Why do the players shake hands after the game and not before?

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  1. ponchi101's Avatar
    You are right. It makes little sense