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ATP 2015 in numbers

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All the figures below are based on main draws of ATP tour only – challengers and lower tier events are not included. Qualification matches also not included.

All the data below is based on 66 ATP tournaments + Davis Cup. Total matches taken into account – 2717

Ranking is based on the following point values:


All lower rounds calculated as 60% of next higher round.
If player got a bye to the next round and lost, he gets the number of points, corresponding to the first round.

Best total Ranking in non-Slam tournaments (weight 2.0 in overall weighted ranking):

Djokovic, Novak_______4697
Murray, Andy__________2768
Federer, Roger________2734
Nadal, Rafael_________2422
Ferrer, David_________1905
Nishikori, Kei________1851
Berdych, Tomas________1825
Wawrinka, Stanislas___1709
Isner, John___________1291
Anderson, Kevin_______1049
Simon, Gilles__________950
Bautista-Agut, Roberto_931
Gasquet, Richard_______893
Raonic, Milos__________878
Thiem, Dominic_________872
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____860
Karlovic, Ivo__________850
Goffin, David__________819
Dimitrov, Grigor_______808
Fognini, Fabio_________793

Murray moved from #3 to #2. Other notable mover is Kevin Anderson – from #17 to # 10. New names: players who entered to 20 are – Karlovic, Gasquet, Simon(not really new), Thiem, Goffin.

Best total Ranking in Slams (weight - 4.0):

Djokovic, Novak_______3600
Wawrinka, Stanislas___1936
Federer, Roger________1494
Murray, Andy__________1450
Gasquet, Richard_______784
Berdych, Tomas_________750
Cilic, Marin___________706
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____654
Nadal, Rafael__________557
Anderson, Kevin________554
Nishikori, Kei_________483
Simon, Gilles__________428
Kyrgios, Nick__________428
Ferrer, David__________424
Lopez, Feliciano_______397
Raonic, Milos__________372
Bautista-Agut, Roberto_354
Troicki, Viktor________333
Tomic, Bernard_________333
Goffin, David__________333

If we are not talking about Novak (which is kind of elephant in the room – he is off the charts in any category), then Wawrinka moved from #4 to #2. Last year he also won a Slam, but this year he backed up it much better in other slams. Gasquet was outside top 20 last year and this year he landed at #5 due to very solid performance: R32, R16, QF, SF
Other new entrants are Troicki, Tomic and Goffin, who occupied places 18-20. Which kind of enforces the notion about absence of new names making a mark.

Rated_ranking_(weight - 2.5):

Djokovic, Novak________518.5625
Federer, Roger_________248.7059
Murray, Andy___________222.0000
Wawrinka, Stanislas____165.6818
Nadal, Rafael__________129.5217
Nishikori, Kei_________122.8421
Ferrer, David__________122.5789
Berdych, Tomas_________117.0455
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried_____94.6250
Gasquet, Richard________88.2632
Raonic, Milos___________78.1250
Cilic, Marin____________73.2500
Isner, John_____________67.6667
Anderson, Kevin_________64.1200
Simon, Gilles___________59.9130
Monfils, Gael___________57.7222
Dimitrov, Grigor________48.5000
Sock, Jack______________48.3158
Goffin, David___________46.0800
Kyrgios, Nick___________45.6667

This result of Novak is the best in Open Era, therefore all yearly rankings for previous years will be now normalized by this high watermark and the numbers for previous years will change accordingly (decrease). The best mover is Gasquet – from #26 last year to #10. Other new players in top 20 are: Isner, Simon, Sock, Goffin.

Win-loss percentage in non-Slam tournaments (weight - 1.5):

Djokovic, Novak________91.67
Federer, Roger_________86.54
Murray, Andy___________83.87
Nishikori, Kei_________77.97
Ferrer, David__________77.19
Nadal, Rafael__________75.38
Berdych, Tomas_________70.49
Wawrinka, Stanislas____69.39
Gasquet, Richard_______69.05
Sock, Jack_____________67.39
Monfils, Gael__________66.67
Raonic, Milos__________65.79
Isner, John____________63.79
Simon, Gilles__________62.96
Anderson, Kevin________62.96
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____61.76
Karlovic, Ivo__________61.11
Herbert, Pierre-Hugues_60.00
Kohlschreiber, Philipp_59.57
Thiem, Dominic_________59.26

Best mover is Andy Murray – from #7 to #3. New faces: Gasquet, Sock, Isner, Simon, Anderson, Tsonga, Karlovic, Herbert, Kohlschreiber, Thiem. Majority of them is not so new – just returning from injuries. There is a statistical aberration though: Jan Mertl played one DC rubber and won it. This gave him 100% in this category, therefore all other results will be normalized against it. Each calculation method has drawbacks and loopholes (((

Matches won in non-Slams events (weight – 0.7):

Djokovic, Novak________55
Murray, Andy___________52
Nadal, Rafael__________49
Nishikori, Kei_________46
Federer, Roger_________45
Ferrer, David__________44
Berdych, Tomas_________43
Isner, John____________37
Simon, Gilles__________34
Wawrinka, Stanislas____34
Anderson, Kevin________34
Karlovic, Ivo__________33
Bautista-Agut, Roberto_33
Thiem, Dominic_________32
Tomic, Bernard_________32
Johnson, Steve_________31
Sock, Jack_____________31
Sousa, Joao____________31
Goffin, David__________30
Gasquet, Richard_______29

Djokovic moved from #6 last year all the way to #1. Murray moved from #3 to #2. New faces are: Simon, Wawrinka (!!!), Karlovic, Thiem, Tomic, Johnson, Sock, Sousa, Goffin, Gasquet.

Win-loss percentage in Slams (weight - 2.5):

Djokovic, Novak________96.43
Wawrinka, Stanislas____87.50
Murray, Andy___________82.61
Federer, Roger_________81.82
Cilic, Marin___________80.00
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____78.57
Gasquet, Richard_______77.78
Berdych, Tomas_________77.78
Ferrer, David__________75.00
Anderson, Kevin________75.00
Nadal, Rafael__________73.33
Nishikori, Kei_________72.73
Raonic, Milos__________72.73
Simon, Gilles__________69.23
Paire, Benoit__________66.67
Troicki, Viktor________66.67
Kyrgios, Nick__________66.67
Lopez, Feliciano_______66.67
Tomic, Bernard_________66.67
Isner, John____________66.67
Bautista-Agut, Roberto_66.67
Goffin, David__________66.67

The most drastic mover is of course Nadal – from #1 to #11… Djokovic assumed #1 position. Wawrinka rose from #5 to #2. Murray – from #6 to #3. New entrants are Gasquet, Anderson.
Paire, Troicki, Kyrgios, Lopez, Tomic, Isner, Goffin are all sharing places 15-22. Kind of entered top 20, but not quite….

Matches won in Slams (weight – 1.4):

Djokovic, Novak_______27
Wawrinka, Stanislas___21
Murray, Andy__________19
Federer, Roger________18
Berdych, Tomas________14
Gasquet, Richard______14
Anderson, Kevin_______12
Cilic, Marin__________12
Nadal, Rafael_________11
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried___11
Simon, Gilles__________9
Ferrer, David__________9
Kyrgios, Nick__________8
Lopez, Feliciano_______8
Troicki, Viktor________8
Raonic, Milos__________8
Goffin, David__________8
Bautista-Agut, Roberto_8
Isner, John____________8
Nishikori, Kei_________8
Tomic, Bernard_________8

Novak occupies 1st place here for the 5 years running. The best mover is Wawrinka – from #8 to sharing #2. New entrants are: Gasquet, Kyrgios, Troicki, Goffin, Isner, Tomic.

Tournaments won (weight – 2.0):

Djokovic, Novak________11
Federer, Roger__________6
Murray, Andy____________5*
Ferrer, David___________5
Wawrinka, Stanislas_____4
Nadal, Rafael___________3
Nishikori, Kei__________3
Thiem, Dominic__________3
Garcia-Lopez, Guillermo_2
Gasquet, Richard________2
Berdych, Tomas__________2

I will have to look it up if there was a year with so little multi-tournament winners. Total number of tournaments is shrinking and Novak gobbled a lot this year, leaving less for the rest…
Murray moved from sharing #7-8 to sharing 3-4. Ferrer – from outside top 20 to sharing the place with Murray.
Other “new faces” this year are Thiem, Gasquet and GGL. Only Domi Thiem is really new here.

* - this is a reminder that I award a tournament win for the player who won live singles rubber in DC final, while being on the winning team.

% of tournaments won out of all entered (weight – 2.0):

Djokovic, Novak________68.75
Federer, Roger_________35.29
Murray, Andy___________26.32
Ferrer, David__________26.32
Wawrinka, Stanislas____18.18
Nishikori, Kei_________15.79
Ram, Rajeev____________14.29
Nadal, Rafael__________13.04
Gasquet, Richard_______10.53
Thiem, Dominic_________10.34
Berdych, Tomas__________9.09
Mahut, Nicolas__________9.09
Garcia-Lopez, Guillermo_7.41
Raonic, Milos___________6.25
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried_____6.25
Paire, Benoit___________5.56
Sock, Jack______________5.26
Estrella, Victor________5.00
Cilic, Marin____________5.00
Kohlschreiber, Philipp__4.35
Simon, Gilles___________4.35

Murray moved from #8 to sharing #3-4. Ferrer from #27 to sharing #3-4. New entrants are: Rajeev Ram, Gasquet, Thiem, Mahut, GGL, Raonic, Tsonga, Paire, Sock, Estrella, Kohls and Simon. Some of them – due to winning one tournament and not playing much elsewhere.

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  1. mick1303's Avatar
    Longest winning streaks (weight – 0.8):

    Djokovic, Novak________28
    Federer, Roger_________11
    Ferrer, David__________11
    Murray, Andy___________10
    Thiem, Dominic_________10
    Anderson, Kevin_________9
    Wawrinka, Stanislas_____9
    Garcia-Lopez, Guillermo_8
    Isner, John_____________8
    Nishikori, Kei__________8
    Paire, Benoit___________7
    Karlovic, Ivo___________7
    Nadal, Rafael___________7
    Troicki, Viktor_________7
    Cuevas, Pablo___________7

    Djokovic moved from #2 to #1, Ferrer – from #14-15 to #2-3. Murray – from outside top 20 to #4-5. New names – Thiem, Anderson, Paire, Isner, Troicki, Karlovic.

    Overall weighted ranking:

    Djokovic, Novak_______19.275
    Federer, Roger________11.362
    Murray, Andy__________10.848
    Wawrinka, Stanislas___10.002
    Ferrer, David__________7.973
    Nadal, Rafael__________7.603
    Berdych, Tomas_________7.298
    Nishikori, Kei_________7.185
    Gasquet, Richard_______6.642
    Anderson, Kevin________5.850
    Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____5.832
    Cilic, Marin___________5.810
    Isner, John____________5.327
    Simon, Gilles__________5.264
    Raonic, Milos__________5.222
    Tomic, Bernard_________4.725
    Thiem, Dominic_________4.654
    Troicki, Viktor________4.581
    Bautista-Agut, Roberto_4.509
    Goffin, David__________4.408

    If you look just at Novak’s number, compared to last year it is almost the same. But since everything is normalized by maximum, the numbers of everyone else are decimated. Last year Federer was at the 2nd place with 15+, this year – with 11+. Roger is slipping a bit in absolute numbers, but not by much. The difference is due to Novak’s historical season.

    Murray moved from #7 to #3. New entrants are Gasquet, Simon, Tomic, Thiem, Troicki, Goffin. Only two of them for the first time: Thiem and Goffin. We are thin on the new talents so far…

    Novak’s 2015 yielded virtually the same result as Federer’s 2006. It is at #2 of the best years of all players since the beginning of Open Era, a small fraction behind #`1. Since I assign all the weights arbitrary, and changing just one weight slightly will tip the scale to the other side, you can consider this result as my opinion ))