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ATP 2014 in numbers

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All the figures below are based on main draws of ATP tour only – challengers and lower tier events are not included. Qualification matches also not included.

All the data below is based on 64 ATP tournaments + Davis Cup. Total matches taken into account – 2688

Ranking is based on the following point values:


All lower rounds calculated as 60% of next higher round.
If player got a bye to the next round and lost, he gets the number of points, corresponding to the first round.

Best total Ranking in non-Slam tournaments (weight 2.0 in overall weighted ranking):
Djokovic, Novak________3580
Federer, Roger_________3318
Ferrer, David__________1835
Nishikori, Kei_________1831
Nadal, Rafael__________1788
Berdych, Tomas_________1668
Raonic, Milos__________1644
Murray, Andy___________1581
Dimitrov, Grigor_______1405
Wawrinka, Stanislas____1331
Cilic, Marin___________1064
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____1052
Lopez, Feliciano_______1001
Gulbis, Ernests________1001
Bautista-Agut, Roberto__969
Robredo, Tommy__________953
Anderson, Kevin_________900
Isner, John_____________882
Kohlschreiber, Philipp__812
Fognini, Fabio__________809

Djokovic went from #2 to #1, Federer – from #6 to #2.
del Potro, Youzhny, Simon, Almagro, Haas, Gasquet left top 20.
Instead we have Cilic, Kohlschreiber, Gulbis, Robredo, Feli Lopez, Bautista-Agut. For all of them, except Kohls this is a best year in their careers, even for Feli – who is 33 like Federer.
The best mover inside top 20 was Kei Nishikori – from #16 to #4.

Best total Ranking in Slams (weight - 4.0):
Djokovic, Novak________2176
Nadal, Rafael__________1730
Federer, Roger_________1450
Wawrinka, Stanislas____1436
Cilic, Marin___________1341
Murray, Andy___________1008
Berdych, Tomas__________870
Nishikori, Kei__________864
Raonic, Milos___________784
Dimitrov, Grigor________710
Monfils, Gael___________557
Ferrer, David___________557
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried_____520
Gulbis, Ernests_________501
Anderson, Kevin_________468
Robredo, Tommy__________468
Bautista-Agut, Roberto__416
Simon, Gilles___________364
Kyrgios, Nick___________345
Mayer, Leonardo_________333
Lopez, Feliciano________333
Fognini, Fabio__________333

Novak is well below his last year in this category. In fact it is the worst out of last 4 years for him. Nonetheless he’s got Wimbledon and still was the best for the year here.
del Potro, Gasquet, Youzhny, Janowicz, Haas, Almagro, Chardy, Seppi, Verdasco left top 20.
Cilic, Nishikori, Dimitrov, Monfils, Gulbis, Bautista-Agut, Simon, Kyrgios entered top 20.
The trio of Mayer, Lopez and Fognini shares 20-22 places.
The best mover is obviously Marin Cilic. From #36 to #5.

Rated_ranking_(weight - 2.5):

Not to be outdone, Djokovic bumped Nadal’s 2013 from 10th best in this category since the beginning of Open Era (remember, last year Nadal replaced Djokovic’s 2012 at 10th place). Now three of the best ten results in this category belong to Federer (2006, 2005,2007), three – to Lendl (1986,1987,1985), two to Djokovic (2011,2014), Borg (1980), McEnroe (1984) each has one.
Gasquet, Almagro, Haas, Isner, Youzhny, Simon left top 20.
Dimitrov, Monfils, Gulbis, Bautista-Agut, Kyrgios, Lopez went in.
Nishikori moved from #13 to #4.

Win-loss percentage in non-Slam tournaments (weight - 1.5):
Djokovic, Novak________88.64
Federer, Roger_________87.10
Nishikori, Kei_________80.77
Nadal, Rafael__________78.05
Bachinger, Matthias____75.00
del_Potro, Juan_Martin_75.00
Murray, Andy___________72.88
Dimitrov, Grigor_______72.55
Monfils, Gael__________69.44
Berdych, Tomas_________68.97
Ferrer, David__________68.75
Raonic, Milos__________68.63
Cilic, Marin___________67.86
Gicquel, Marc__________66.67
Olivo, Renzo___________66.67
Troicki, Viktor________66.67
Gulbis, Ernests________66.00
Goffin, David__________65.71
Isner, John____________65.31
Wawrinka, Stanislas____65.00

It is a reverse situation from last year: Djokovic has worse percentage than last year, but it is good enough to earn him top position here. Matthias Bachinger played only one tournament – Stockholm and reached semis. This is how he got this unusually high mark here. Also new entrants are Monfils, Gicquel, Olivo, Troicki, Goffin, Isner.
Mahut, Haas, Tsonga, Gasquet, Fognini, Almagro, Robredo left top 20.
Kei is again the best mover from #16 to #3.

Matches won in non-Slams events (weight – 0.7):
Federer, Roger_________54
Ferrer, David__________44
Murray, Andy___________43
Nishikori, Kei_________42
Berdych, Tomas_________40
Djokovic, Novak________39
Cilic, Marin___________38
Dimitrov, Grigor_______37
Raonic, Milos__________35
Bautista-Agut, Roberto_35
Gulbis, Ernests________33
Karlovic, Ivo__________33
Isner, John____________32
Robredo, Tommy_________32
Nadal, Rafael__________32
Fognini, Fabio_________32
Lopez, Feliciano_______31
Kohlschreiber, Philipp_31
Rosol, Lukas___________29
Anderson, Kevin________28

Last year Federer was not atop of any category. In 2012 he led only in longest winning streak. In 2011 and 2010 he again wasn’t leading in any of categories.
del Potro, Wawrinka (sic!), Haas, Gasquet, Almagro, Simon, Tsonga left top 20.
Nishikori (moved from #22 to #4), Cilic, Bautista-Agut, Karlovic, Robredo, Lopez, Kohlschreiber, Rosol entered top 20.

Win-loss percentage in Slams (weight - 2.5):
Nadal, Rafael__________88.89
Djokovic, Novak________88.00
Federer, Roger_________82.61
Cilic, Marin___________82.35
Wawrinka, Stanislas____81.25
Murray, Andy___________80.95
Berdych, Tomas_________78.95
Raonic, Milos__________77.78
Nishikori, Kei_________75.00
Dimitrov, Grigor_______75.00
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____75.00
Mayer, Florian_________75.00
Kavcic, Blaz___________75.00
Robredo, Tommy_________73.33
Anderson, Kevin________73.33
Monfils, Gael__________73.33
Ferrer, David__________71.43
Bautista-Agut, Roberto_71.43
Simon, Gilles__________69.23
Gulbis, Ernests________66.67

del Potro, Haas, Gasquet, Youzhny, Almagro, Janowicz, Chardy, Seppi left top 20.
New entrants are Nishikori, Dimitrov, Florian Mayer, Kavcic, Monfils, Bautista-Agut, Simon, Gulbis.

Matches won in Slams (weight – 1.4):
Djokovic, Novak________22
Federer, Roger_________19
Murray, Andy___________17
Nadal, Rafael__________16
Berdych, Tomas_________15
Cilic, Marin___________14
Raonic, Milos__________14
Wawrinka, Stanislas____13
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____12
Nishikori, Kei_________12
Dimitrov, Grigor_______12
Monfils, Gael__________11
Anderson, Kevin________11
Robredo, Tommy_________11
Bautista-Agut, Roberto_10
Ferrer, David__________10
Simon, Gilles___________9
Mayer, Leonardo_________8
Gulbis, Ernests_________8
Lopez, Feliciano________8
Fognini, Fabio__________8

Novak occupies 1st place here for the 4 years running. The best mover is Cilic – from sharing #30-37 to sharing #6-7 with Raonic.

Tournaments won (weight – 2.0):
Djokovic, Novak________7
Federer, Roger_________6
Nishikori, Kei_________4
Cilic, Marin___________4
Nadal, Rafael__________4
Wawrinka, Stanislas____4
Murray, Andy___________3
Dimitrov, Grigor_______3
Cuevas, Pablo__________2
Goffin, David__________2
Isner, John____________2
Gulbis, Ernests________2
Hewitt, Lleyton________2
Bautista-Agut, Roberto_2
Berdych, Tomas_________2

Djokovic won 7 tournaments like last year, but this time around it was good enough for headlining the list. Last year Federer was not on the list with just one tournament won. Now he returned to his 2012 result (the year when he was #1 last time).

% of tournaments won out of all entered (weight – 2.0):
Djokovic, Novak_________46.67
Federer, Roger__________33.33
Nadal, Rafael___________26.67
del_Potro, Juan_Martin__25.00
Nishikori, Kei__________22.22
Wawrinka, Stanislas_____21.05
Cilic, Marin____________17.39
Murray, Andy____________14.29
Dimitrov, Grigor________14.29
Cuevas, Pablo___________14.29
Goffin, David___________12.50
Hewitt, Lleyton_________11.76
Gulbis, Ernests__________8.70
Bautista-Agut, Roberto___8.70
Isner, John______________8.70
Berdych, Tomas___________8.70
Monfils, Gael____________5.88
Klizan, Martin___________5.88
Tomic, Bernard___________5.88
Berlocq, Carlos__________5.56

Nadal’s year in this category is more than twice worse than last year. In 2013 he won over 58% of the tournaments he entered. Novak is in the lead first time since his stellar 2011. New names – Dimitrov, Goffin, Cuevas appeared on the list for the very first time and with very respectable results – over 10%.

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  1. mick1303's Avatar
    Longest winning streaks (weight – 0.8):
    Federer, Roger_________14
    Djokovic, Novak________13
    Wawrinka, Stanislas____13
    Murray, Andy___________11
    Berdych, Tomas_________11
    Goffin, David__________11
    Nadal, Rafael__________11
    Cuevas, Pablo__________10
    Nishikori, Kei_________10
    Cilic, Marin___________10
    Fognini, Fabio_________10
    Gulbis, Ernests_________9
    Dimitrov, Grigor________9
    Garcia-Lopez, Guillermo_8
    Ferrer, David___________8
    Lopez, Feliciano________7
    Raonic, Milos___________7
    Berlocq, Carlos_________7
    Bautista-Agut, Roberto__7

    Federer returned to the top in this category. Mostly due to the fact that nobody has really noticeable win streaks this year.

    Overall weighted ranking:
    Djokovic, Novak_______19.119
    Federer, Roger________15.887
    Nadal, Rafael_________13.854
    Wawrinka, Stanislas___11.652
    Cilic, Marin__________11.015
    Nishikori, Kei________11.007
    Murray, Andy__________10.759
    Berdych, Tomas_________9.655
    Dimitrov, Grigor_______9.273
    Raonic, Milos__________8.699
    Ferrer, David__________7.923
    Gulbis, Ernests________7.253
    Bautista-Agut, Roberto_7.170
    Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____7.110
    Monfils, Gael__________6.852
    Isner, John____________6.223
    Fognini, Fabio_________6.156
    Robredo, Tommy_________6.095
    Lopez, Feliciano_______6.083
    Anderson, Kevin________6.014

    del Potro, Gasquet, Haas, Youzhny, Almagro, Simon left top 20.
    Entrants – Dimitrov, Gulbis, Bautista-Agut, Monfils, Fognini, Lopez.

    Novak’s 2014 is at #26 of the best years of all players since the beginning of Open Era, just behind Lendl’s 1982. Far from the best year for both of them…