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ATP 2013 in numbers

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All the figures below are based on main draws of ATP tour only – challengers and lower tier events are not included. Qualification matches also not included.

All the data below is based on 65 ATP tournaments + Davis Cup. Total matches taken into account – 2719

Ranking is based on the following point values:


All lower rounds calculated as 60% of next higher round.
If player got a bye to the next round and lost, he gets the number of points, corresponding to the first round.

Best total Ranking in non-Slam tournaments (weight 2.0 in overall weighted ranking):
Nadal, Rafael__________4510
Djokovic, Novak________3393
del Potro, Juan Martin_2309
Ferrer, David__________1780
Berdych, Tomas_________1716
Federer, Roger_________1557
Wawrinka, Stanislas____1444
Raonic, Milos__________1236
Gasquet, Richard_______1233
Murray, Andy___________1206
Fognini, Fabio_________1199
Haas, Tommy____________1161
Isner, John____________1119
Almagro, Nicolas_______1047
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried_____971
Nishikori, Kei__________897
Dimitrov, Grigor________885
Simon, Gilles___________884
Youzhny, Mikhail________860
Anderson, Kevin_________757

Nadal posted an outstanding result here – 7th from the beginning of Open Era and the best since Federer’s 2006.
Djokovic went from 1 to 2, Federer – from 2 to 6.
Tipsarevic, Monaco, Dolgopolov, Cilic left top 20.
Instead we have a resurgence of veterans – Haas, Youzhny, Fognini. And Dimitrov started to fulfill promises.
The best mover inside top 20 was Stan Wavrinka – from #20 to #7.

Best total Ranking in Slams (weight - 4.0):
Djokovic, Novak________2560
Nadal, Rafael__________2004
Murray, Andy___________1816
Ferrer, David__________1392
Federer, Roger__________753
Wawrinka, Stanislas_____710
Gasquet, Richard________698
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried_____623
Berdych, Tomas__________566
Youzhny, Mikhail________523
Janowicz, Jerzy_________520
Robredo, Tommy__________514
del Potro, Juan Martin__485
Haas, Tommy_____________428
Almagro, Nicolas________428
Chardy, Jeremy__________419
Seppi, Andreas__________416
Anderson, Kevin_________385
Raonic, Milos___________385
Verdasco, Fernando______345

Missing Oz and early exit at Wimbledon did not allow Nadal to headline this list. Novak continues to put money in the bank – his result is exactly like last year here. The best movers inside top 20 are again Stan Wavrinka – from # 14 in 2012 to # 6 in 2013 and Misha Youzhny – from #19 to #10.
Kohlschreiber, Tipsarevic, Cilic, Benneteau, Fish, Florian Mayer left top 20.
Janowicz, Robredo, Haas, Chardy, Seppi, Anderson moved in.

Rated_ranking_(weight - 2.5):
Nadal, Rafael__________383,1765
Djokovic, Novak________350,1765
Murray, Andy___________251,8333
del Potro, Juan Martin_147,0526
Federer, Roger_________135,8824
Ferrer, David__________132,1667
Berdych, Tomas__________95,0833
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried_____93,7647
Wawrinka, Stanislas_____93,6522
Gasquet, Richard________80,4583
Raonic, Milos___________70,4783
Almagro, Nicolas________64,1304
Nishikori, Kei__________61,9500
Haas, Tommy_____________61,1154
Cilic, Marin____________55,5714
Isner, John_____________55,0833
Youzhny, Mikhail________53,1923
Robredo, Tommy__________51,0455
Simon, Gilles___________49,913
Anderson, Kevin_________49,6522

Nadal continues to achieve historically significant results. This year replaced Novak’s 2012 as 10th best in this category since the beginning of Open Era. Federer had the worst result since 2002. Coincidentally it is still better than career best of such players as Wavrinka and Berdych, achieved this year.
Tipsarevic, Janowicz, Fish, Monaco, Isner left top 20.
Wawrinka, Haas, Youzhny, Robredo, Kevin Anderson went in.

Win-loss percentage in non-Slam tournaments (weight - 1.5):
Nadal, Rafael__________91.04
Djokovic, Novak________89.29
Murray, Andy___________81.25
Mahut, Nicolas_________80.00
del Potro, Juan Martin_76.79
Federer, Roger_________71.11
Haas, Tommy____________69.09
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____69.05
Raonic, Milos__________67.92
Cilic, Marin___________67.74
Wawrinka, Stanislas____67.24
Ferrer, David__________67.21
Berdych, Tomas_________67.19
Gasquet, Richard_______66.07
Gulbis, Ernests________65.91
Nishikori, Kei_________65.12
Fognini, Fabio_________63.49
Dimitrov, Grigor_______62.75
Almagro, Nicolas_______62.75
Robredo, Tommy_________61.90

Novak Djokovic posted significantly better percentage than last year, but in only moved him one place up, because Nadal again had an outstanding year.
Nicolas Mahut ventured in this rarified air on the strength of two tournament wins out of only 9 tournaments played.

Matches won in non-Slams events (weight – 0.7):
Nadal, Rafael__________61
Djokovic, Novak________50
Berdych, Tomas_________43
del Potro, Juan Martin_43
Ferrer, David__________41
Fognini, Fabio_________40
Wawrinka, Stanislas____39
Haas, Tommy____________38
Gasquet, Richard_______37
Raonic, Milos__________36
Isner, John____________34
Federer, Roger_________32
Almagro, Nicolas_______32
Dimitrov, Grigor_______32
Simon, Gilles__________30
Gulbis, Ernests________29
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____29

Very sharp decline of Federer here. Since I don’t care to investigate how long he was present at top 10 in all categories. Not anymore….

Win-loss percentage in Slams (weight - 2.5):
Nadal, Rafael__________93.33
Murray, Andy___________89.47
Djokovic, Novak________88.89
Ferrer, David__________82.61
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____76.92
Gasquet, Richard_______76.47
Federer, Roger_________76.47
Wawrinka, Stanislas____75.00
Berdych, Tomas_________73.33
Youzhny, Mikhail_______73.33
del Potro, Juan Martin_72.73
Seppi, Andreas_________71.43
Cilic, Marin___________71.43
Robredo, Tommy_________71.43
Anderson, Kevin________69.23
Chardy, Jeremy_________69.23
Almagro, Nicolas_______69.23
Raonic, Milos__________69.23
Haas, Tommy____________69.23
Janowicz, Jerzy________69.23

Djokovic posted exactly the same result as last year, but now it is good only for 3rd place, whereas last year it was the best.
Fish, Kohlschreiber, Tipsarevic, Nishikori, Federico Gil, Monfils, Benneteau moved out of top 20.
Youzhny, Seppi, Robredo, Anderson, Chardy, Haas, Janowicz moved in.
Only real new name here is Janowicz. He did not backup his Paris 2012 run in non-Slam tournaments, but reminded of himself with his semis run at Wimbledon.

Matches won in Slams (weight – 1.4):
Djokovic, Novak________24
Ferrer, David__________19
Murray, Andy___________17
Nadal, Rafael__________14
Gasquet, Richard_______13
Federer, Roger_________13
Wawrinka, Stanislas____12
Berdych, Tomas_________11
Youzhny, Mikhail_______11
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____10
Seppi, Andreas_________10
Robredo, Tommy_________10
Janowicz, Jerzy_________9
Haas, Tommy_____________9
Chardy, Jeremy__________9
Anderson, Kevin_________9
Raonic, Milos___________9
Almagro, Nicolas________9
del Potro, Juan Martin__8
Tipsarevic, Janko_______8
Nishikori, Kei__________8

Novak kept his first place here due to outstanding consistency. Notably David Ferrer won one more match than last year, but this time he broke the semis barrier and this propelled him to the 2nd place above former “top 4” members Murray, Nadal and Federer.
Even though Federer slipped from #3 to #6, Youzhny, Seppi, Haas and Robredo held the banner of the previous generation still high.

Tournaments won (weight – 2.0):
Nadal, Rafael_________10
Djokovic, Novak________7
del Potro, Juan Martin_4
Murray, Andy___________4
Gasquet, Richard_______3
Mahut, Nicolas_________2
Gulbis, Ernests________2
Robredo, Tommy_________2
Isner, John____________2
Youzhny, Mikhail_______2
Fognini, Fabio_________2
Haas, Tommy____________2
Ferrer, David__________2
Raonic, Milos__________2

Since ATP calendar took its shape in 1990 and the number of tournaments in the calendar reduced, only a handful of players reached 10 or more tournament wins per season. This year Nadal again achieved this feat – for the 2nd time in his career.

% of tournaments won out of all entered (weight – 2.0):
Nadal, Rafael___________58.82
Djokovic, Novak_________41.18
Murray, Andy____________33.33
Mahut, Nicolas__________22.22
del Potro, Juan Martin__21.05
Gasquet, Richard________12.50
Gulbis, Ernests_________10.00
Robredo, Tommy___________9.09
Raonic, Milos____________8.70
Isner, John______________8.33
Ferrer, David____________8.33
Haas, Tommy______________7.69
Youzhny, Mikhail_________7.69
Fognini, Fabio___________7.14
Sousa, Joao______________7.14
Cilic, Marin_____________7.14
Karlovic, Ivo____________7.14
Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried______5.88
Stepanek, Radek__________5.88
Federer, Roger___________5.88

Longest winning streaks (weight – 0.8):
Djokovic, Novak________24
Nadal, Rafael__________22
Murray, Andy___________13
Fognini, Fabio_________13
Raonic, Milos___________9
Ferrer, David___________9
Wawrinka, Stanislas_____9
del Potro, Juan Martin__8
Gasquet, Richard________8
Isner, John_____________8
Robredo, Tommy__________8
Cilic, Marin____________8
Gulbis, Ernests_________8
Dimitrov, Grigor________7
Rosol, Lukas____________7
Lopez, Feliciano________7
Berlocq, Carlos_________7
Tipsarevic, Janko_______7
Tomic, Bernard__________7

Late season surge allowed Novak to top Nadal in this category.
Federer went from headlining this list in 2012 to leaving the top 20….

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  1. mick1303's Avatar
    Overall weighted ranking:

    Nadal, Rafael_________17.744
    Djokovic, Novak_______17.083
    Murray, Andy__________12.272
    Ferrer, David__________9.588
    del Potro, Juan Martin_8.560
    Gasquet, Richard_______7.653
    Federer, Roger_________7.533
    Wawrinka, Stanislas____7.152
    Berdych, Tomas_________6.854
    Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____6,567
    Raonic, Milos__________6.395
    Haas, Tommy____________6.270
    Youzhny, Mikhail_______6.183
    Robredo, Tommy_________6.082
    Nishikori, Kei_________5.396
    Isner, John____________5.383
    Almagro, Nicolas_______5.344
    Cilic, Marin___________5.083
    Simon, Gilles__________5.014
    Anderson, Kevin________4.960

    Last time there was such a small distance between #1 and #2 it was in 2003, when Federer was chasing Roddick and also ran out of tournaments in the end of the year. Coincidentally it was enough for Roddick to win two round-robin matches in his group to secure Year-End #1.

    This year Roddick left top 20 (by retirement). Also left - Tipsarevic, Monaco, Kohlschreiber.
    Entrants – Haas, Youzhny, Robredo, Kevin Anderson.

    Young talents continue to disappoint…

    Nadal’s 2013 landed at #19 of the best yearly performances in Open Era – behind 1989 of Ivan Lendl and ahead of 1978 of Bjorn Borg. Not the very best years for all of them... But still outstanding. Nadal’s best 2010 and 2008 are just slightly ahead at #15 and #17 respectively.