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My proposal on time violation

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Many players and spectators are arguing lately that something needs to be done about this problem.
Obviously, existing rules do not work, because umpires are reluctunt to apply them - players gets warning on the first offense and then point penalty. This is too "black-n-white" of a rule, it does not give umpires necessary flexibility, they're afraid to interrupt the flow of a match and "time stretchers" thrive...

My proposal - do not apply warnings and point penalty immediately upon violation.

Set up a double clock for each player. First clock will just count seconds between points. If first clock exceeds 25 or 20 seconds (depending on the regulations) then second clock starts/continues to accumulate seconds.
Umpire has to be able to press "pause" on the 2nd clock, if after particularly long and gruelling rally he/she wants to give recovery time to both players; or if umpire thinks that delay is due to the recieving player actions. If second clock (accumulated violation) exceeds say 30 seconds, then the warning is issued. If second clock exceeds another limit (say 60 seconds) then point penalty is administered. At this point second clock shall be reset back to zero.
If these clocks will be visible to both players and audience - everybody will be aware - how close each player is to time violation. It may even add entertainment value, like hawk eye did.

Somebody would argue that the interest of the fitter player shall be protected by enforcing the rule strictly. In this case: how about - umpire extends the break without penalty if BOTH players agree? Quick look in the player's direction and nod will signal that the player agrees. Fitter player can say "no" or otherwise indicate that he/she wants the rule to be enforced.

What do you think? Shall we start petitioning to ITF/ATP/WTA? What other wrinkles (features) you may suggest to this rule to make it even more "fair but flexible"?

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