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A number of observations from 2 years of visiting London

Parting Thoughts From London.

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These are my observations from going to London, thanks to Nelslus' enthusiasm and LOVE for Wimbledon. Now, some of these observations may be trivial, obvious, naive, and silly to some, but I'm a country bumpkin from St. Louis (a small-ler town, but not quite as small as say Bright-WATERS). So here goes:

1. London is big on using, very tiny spaces. From lifts, to narrow streets, to tiny hotel trash cans. If you're over 6 feet, watch out!

2. Nelslus literally lives and breaths Wimbledon. It is truly his mecca.

3. Big congrats to Tina for getting her degree. Yea!!

4. I don't know if Nadal started this trend, but the men there certainly adopted the pirate pant look. Almost every guy, young and not-so-young, sported this look.

5. For young women, the look is very short shorts, with black leggings

6. Many women, no matter the size, no matter the age, believe in form fitting short dresses

7. Gourmet Burger. Barbecue with bacon. Nothing Else. Fries with Chili/Mayo dip. Don't. Ask. Questions. Just. Do. It.

8. If you have an ipod or some mp3, you gotta download some London Tunes or songs by British artists, and walk the streets. Great fun, and I can give you some recommendations of songs.

9. I still have no idea what the crooked lines on the streets mean

10. I've never tried Pimms, Nelslus did, and he can give you his take on this refreshment

11. Now, I don't know if it was because we had limited options from our hotel, but finding something to watch, that wasn't a Friends rerun or some random variety/talk show was very difficult.

12. Roses are everywhere. Even in areas where you would expect to see weeds.

13. If you think the grass on the Wimbledon courts are beautiful, you should see the grass in the local parks. Just as stunning.

14. I'm truly thankful to Nelslus for introducing me to tennis and allowing me to share his life long dream.

15. Go!

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  1. dryrunguy's Avatar
    I wanna read more about #7!!!! Yum!
  2. munchin's Avatar
    Sounds spectacular! I have to get out there one of these years.
  3. rabbit's Avatar
    Loved it! Yeah, even on TV, there seems to be just something mysteriously beautiful about grass over there.
  4. ponchi101's Avatar
    The crooked lines mean you can't park there or overtake another vehicle in that zone.
    I tried Pimms and, lets say it is an acquired taste.
  5. Woody's Avatar
    Pimms, an acquired taste? Try a Dandelion & Burdock...
  6. James7's Avatar
    Still sounds like a fun trip even if it isn't the first trek out there. Neither of you in the pictures seems to be sporting pirate pants, though it's hard to tell. Do try to fit in a little more.
  7. tinamarie's Avatar
    ohh, how did I miss this? Great blog and thank you for the shout-out.

    You and nelslus are missed on this site of the pond.