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A Perfect Moment

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Not very often I do experience these moments of absolute perfection. Moments where time could freeze and leave me in a state of true contentment.

Often, it simply requires a convergence of animals or the outdoors. Outdoors it doesn't even require good weather, just an intangible something... a web, a flower, or some sort of detail that sets the mind spinning about all that exists that we tend to ignore. The elaborate complexities that have developed and lead to an exquisite whole being or microcosm. Something that can wipe away the focus, fretting, or distractions that often accompany employed or unwilling unemployed life. Something that establishes an outer frame of reference and allows one to look back over current preoccupations with a better frame of reference.

It's these moments where I am most at peace. Perhaps this is what some might feel or ascribe to religion, though that packaging doesn't seem necessary to me. I can appreciate that and don't really care to argue of the particulars.

My latest moment of peace came on the couch on weekend. Leroy had jumped up there with me as he likes to do and I had layed out along the length to rest. He had found a comfortable position himself around my legs and was starting to doze.

As I watched the perpetual "worried" expression of his brow relax and smooth, as the focus of his gaze eyes began to drift and soften I felt again how things could not be any better. The waning gold of the sun slanting in through the window was inviting me down into similar contented sleep.
How wonderful is it to have an animal at such peace with you. With so much trust that it can really fall asleep in your arms and take for granted your protection and oversight? As my own eyes gently closed on the scene I could observe the small twitches of Leroy's dream as I drifted lazily down into a state of absolute relaxation.

With a final big twitch he kicked me hard right in the crotch.

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  1. dryrunguy's Avatar
    ROFL! Possibly my favorite blog EVER!
  2. Scotty's Avatar
    Beautiful ... and ends with a bang.
  3. ponchi101's Avatar
    And for your well being I hope Leroy is your pet RABBIT, not your pet ROTTWEILER.
    Nice post, James.
  4. JTContinental's Avatar
    LOL...story of my life.