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Indian Wells Business

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So I'm in. And I'm hopefully representing the site! Woot.

If anyone is going or considering going, read on. This won't be very interesting to others

The thing is, this gig doesn't pay very well , so I'd like to find some people who would be interesting in getting some shared accommodations. I've looked at hotels and it looks like you have to go fairly low-end to get well under $100/nt. Add the taxes, deal with meals, and it gets steep pretty fast.

I've looked around and seen some pretty nice places that could be had for $50-100 per night, per room, depending on # of rooms, amenities, etc. Those are through agencies, I'm also trying to find some independents that should be cheaper still. Some have pool & hot tub at a private house, some are condo's, etc.

I like it because I can buy a few groceries, cook breakfast, pack a lunch for the grounds, bbq, have people visit maybe, etc. I'll have a car, so if you chip in a bit for that, you get rides to/from every day (airport rides if sched works out). The media guide also mentions a free companion grounds pass each day so someone might get that too.

So if there's anybody interested in this option, post your situation below and we can start to get serious about finding something. Please be serious about this, if we get some people and agree on a place, I'll need some Paypal deposits pretty quick.

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  1. Woody's Avatar
    Hmm, I've got an offer for this place:

    If there's 2 of us, it's $40/nt each, for 3 of use, $35/nt. full kitchen, tennis(lit), pool, bikes. I might even just grab a studio here, it's cheaper than Vagabond.
  2. Woody's Avatar
    Never mind. Accommodation for 11 nts = $250. 8 mins from the grounds. Woot.
  3. Woody's Avatar
    Car, flights, accomodation, tennis game in LA, and 32GB memory card all set! Woot!