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In remembrance.

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This blog is not all about me. In fact, it is not at all about me, so if I make it about me somewhere, just disregard it, as it is unintentional.

The students at my high school today received news that one of our seniors passed away in his sleep from a known heart defect. Despite the fact that it was known he had this defect, this occurrence was very abrupt. By all accounts, there was no way of knowing when or if something like this would happen.

He was a genuinely nice kid. He was a member of the band, had been in the school play, and was an AP Studio Art student. His warmth reached far and wide and he had a lot of friends and a great deal more than that who knew and liked him. (I fall into this latter category as I never had him a student, but he was friends with many of my present and past students and was often in my room chatting with them after school.)

I had, and loved, his older sister both in class and on my tennis team, and can only imagine how she and the rest of his family are dealing with this tragic loss. Students who were close to the family walked past my room today in a daze, tears in their eyes, and I was shaken when three students came crying to my room after school to ask if we still were going to take the French Club photo for the yearbook. I almost wanted to chuckle at their conscientiousness, but refrained and smiled and said we would work it out on Monday.

I hope I am equipped to be there for these students come Monday, and I can't imagine how many many of them must feel. They certainly never tell you how to handle this when you're studying to become a teacher, as one could only imagine what it's like to see someone so young with so much talent and promise leave this world, far too early.

So, when you're saying your prayers tonight or offering up a nice thought for the wonderful people of the world, please spare a second for my kids who were given an abrupt dose of the ephemeral-ness of life as they begin to work through their feelings of loss, and for his wonderful, kind family, who must find some strength within, too.

Thank you.

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  1. Kirkus's Avatar
    Aww, Beau. What a tragedy. I'm so sorry.

    Knowing you, I suspect you're better equipped to counsel your students than any lesson or class could teach.
  2. Charlie02123's Avatar
    Sending warm thoughts and electronic hugs your way.
  3. jjnow's Avatar
    Beau I'm just reading this!

    I hope things were easier for your students this week.