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Russians Continue to Roll

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Wow, this is my first blog so i wonder where i will start....

Well, Fed Cup Day 1 has finished and no big suprises have occured so far. Chaks pulled out her win with a tight 6-4 4-6 6-4 victory over Franny which was followed up by a huge win for Sveta 1 and 2 over Santangelo but if you watched the match it looked as if the score shouldve been 0 and 0.

To start off with i was really impressed with Anna's victory over Franny who is always a tricky opponent. She was driving through the ball much better than she normally does which is a great sign for her moving foreward in the next few years. Her forehand was pretty good throughout the match with a lot of nice deep shots which is good to see from her. Her backhand was spot on as usual and she really was dictating at the end of the match. Her serve still needs to be worked on. But on her outfit....she looked great as always with her identical outfit from her Fed Cup tie vs the USA. And it still looks great on her and her nice tight.....welll i dont want to get this banned so i will let you guys finish that sentance.

So now Sveta's match. She was flawless with huge serves, forehands, backhands, and everything else you can think of. My only problem is that Sveta needs to get to net more. She is such a good vollyer with great hands.

I think the main side scoop of this weekend will be about MaSha's relations with her fellow Russians. It appears from the sideline she was really supportive during the Anna C match which was a great thing to let her teammates know she is there for them and not to get on the Olympic team. Sveta's comments on how she doesnt want to be asked about Maria and how she responded to that question was a really good sign to see and i hope it leads to friendships and bonds between the team. Hopefully from now the Russian Fed Cup team wont be referrer to as Maria and the Fed Cup team and just the Fed Cup team.

Wow....was my blog that long i hope i didnt ramble on and on like i normally do.....

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  1. dryrunguy's Avatar
    Great blog, Tscott! I hope you keep them coming! Great read!

  2. Jay's Avatar
    Cool BLOG!

    It wasn't too long, no. Most blogs are generally about the length that yours is.

    I agree with what you're saying re: Masha. I mean, I don't really care for the girl, but it's nice to see her at least...appearing as if she's cheering for her teammates.
  3. Kirkus's Avatar
    Nice, TS! Not too long at all (wait 'til I get rambling on ).
  4. jjnow's Avatar
    Russia has this thing in the bag.

    Hopefully 5-0 so I get an extra point in the predictions game!
  5. aedra1119's Avatar
    Thanks for the info, ts! Especially for folks like me who have no access to it. You're blog wasn't too long at all!
  6. mmmm8's Avatar
    I'm going to blame you if you jinxed them. Sveta's making it all kinds of dangerous against Schiavone.

    Nice entry