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Moose's 30 Favorite Movie Musicals: The List

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For those who followed along, or for those who don't want to page back through all the posts, here is the list of the movies that made my 30 Favorite Musical countdown.

30. Bugsy Malone
29. Flower Drum Song
28. The Rose
27. Lady and the Tramp
26. Fame
25. Lady Sings The Blues
24. Little Shop Of Horrors
23. Pennies From Heaven
22. The King and I
21. Purple Rain
20. White Christmas
19. Grease
18. All That Jazz
17. Rocky Horror Picture Show
16. Lion King
15. Guys and Dolls
14. Carmen Jones
13. Mary Poppins
12. Cabaret
11. The Commitments
10. Easter Parade
9. The Music Man
8. Moulin Rouge
7. Oliver
6. An American In Paris
5. Singin In The Rain
4. My Fair Lady
3. The Wizard of Oz
2. The Sound Of Music
1. West Side Story

If you want to go back through the list and read commentary, and see posted clips of performances from the movies, you can find the countdown here:

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  1. hurricanejeanne's Avatar
    Great list and countdown, Moose! Are you planning on doing another list soon?
  2. Miles's Avatar
    Very solid list Moose. Hard to argue with much of it.
  3. aedra1119's Avatar
    Great list, Moose! I love, love, love musicals. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us. I've been working on my list of top 100 favorite classic movies, and I'm practically pulling my hair out trying to put them in order. I had no idea it would be this hard.
  4. TennisAnyone74's Avatar
    I was inspired by your list to try to list my top 10 sports movies, but like Aedra, I'm beating myself up trying to put them in order and realizing that I missed a favorite.
  5. Moose's Avatar
    Aedra and TA, I hope you both complete your lists and post them. And TA, "Raging Bull" had best be one of the Top Ten!