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New stuff on the horizon

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TAT will celebrate its fifth birthday on August 27th, just before the US Open. How much frickin' fun has the last 5 years been?!

As has been the case since the beginning, TAT continues to evolve. We have a few changes coming around US Open time.

Our content section and home page will get a face lift. A few things will be gone and a few will be added. Including a weekly poll, weekly video from our YouTube channel, and we'll be publishing the list of TOP 10 ATP and WTA ranked players.

Along with these changes, we'll be on the hunt for several members with good writing skills to take on a weekly commentary. More details about this to come. But if you've ever wanted the opportunity to write a weekly column for the tennis masses, keep this in mind and decide if you'd be willing to commit to this endeavor.

We continue to receive the occasional donation to help offset the cost of running TAT. Several donations this year have come at the perfect time, and I simply can't thank you enough (you know who you are ). I bring this up because it's related to our change in advertisers. As I posted in the forum, we're no longer affiliated with Tennis Warehouse. We've gone back to promoting our Amazon Store, which, during the holidays especially, help to keep us going. We continue to receive a small monthly income from the text links that appear at the very bottom of our pages. In addition, we may be adding a few other advertisers to the mix.

I hope everyone enjoys the new content section and home page when they're launched. And I hope we continue to grow as the best online tennis community out there.

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  1. GVGirl's Avatar
    Perhaps we should wear "5" t-shirts at the US Open Tailgate which takes place September 5th in honor of TAT's birthday! TAT and my RafaBoy are the same age.
  2. Danielle's Avatar
    Five years and goin' strong!! Thanks for all you do, Kirkus. And to every member for making this such a fantastic place to be.