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JT Copies Munchin and Hurricanejeanne!

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OK, since the year is already half over, I'm going to set my goal at 25 books, but if I go over, then great! I've only been out of school one week, and I've finished two books.

1. Daemon/Daniel Suarez June 10
2. Gossip Girl: The Carlyles--Take a Chance on Me/Cecily von Ziegesar June 16
3. The City and the Pillar/Gore Vidal June 20
4. Finger Lickin' Fifteen/Janet Evanovich June 29
5. Vienna Blood/Frank Tallis July 7
6. Lost Souls/Poppy Z. Brite July 13

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  1. munchin's Avatar
  2. mmmm8's Avatar
    Can't wait till I'm out of school (on Monday!) and can read real books again. I've been reading Brecht's Mother Courage (should be read in one sitting) for two months now between articles about welfare redistribution.
  3. manolo's Avatar
    Don't worry m8. I don't have the excuse of the welfare redistribution articles, and my list so far looks like this. Shamefully short:

    1. Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand) (started in 2008, but finished in 2009, so it counts)
    2. El amor en los tiempos del colera (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)
    3. Le Maitre et Marguerite (Mikhail Boulgakov)
    4. Storia della Bellezza (Umberto Eco)
    5. Strokes of Genius (L. Jon Wertheim) (I just started, so I'm counting it)
  4. JTContinental's Avatar
    I hear you, m8. I'm thrilled to be able to enjoy reading again.
  5. hurricanejeanne's Avatar
    I like starting a trend! I'm on my 17th book for the year and it's becoming my annual read of The Historian, my favorite book ever.
  6. Scotty's Avatar
    Wait, Gossip Girl counts as a book?

    You should have to read two more, just to make up for that one.
  7. JTContinental's Avatar
    Gossip Girl is serious literature!
  8. Moose's Avatar
    If you've never read him, I'd rec you add something by Michael Chabon to your list, JT. And not only because he's my favorite author, he's just a gifted voice. "Mysteries of Pittsburgh" is an outstanding story, as is "Kavalier and Clay".
  9. JTContinental's Avatar
    Thanks, Moose! I've read and enjoyed "Kavalier and Clay," but not "Mysteries of Pittsburgh," so I'll add it to my list.
  10. jjnow's Avatar
    You said in the book thread you're looking for tawdry vampire lit. Have you read anything by Poppy Z. Brite? Her stuff was pretty popular when I worked at a used book store a couple of years ago. I think she's like a B-level Anne Rice (before Anne Rice became the B-level Anne Rice).
  11. JTContinental's Avatar
    I have not heard of this Poppy Z. Brite, but I soon will have.
  12. munchin's Avatar
    ooooh, Poppy Brite is one of life's great pleasures.
  13. JTContinental's Avatar
    Excellent. I picked one of her books up last night.
  14. JTContinental's Avatar
    I finished The City and the Pillar in just one sitting. I'd put it on my highly recommended list.