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Madrid Open 09 - I was there

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Beautiful day in Madrid. Sunny, breezy. A bit of confusion initially as I printed my receipt instead of the ticket. I was lucky they were able to help me at the ticket desk.

JMDP – Berdych
Excellent seat, right behind the flowers. I was surprised by how big Berdych actually is. Funny to see Cedric Mourier with these two huge players. Berdych looking so neat, del Potro looking already sweaty even before the match started. Tomas actually had one fan in the stands, a 70 years old woman that was shouting “Vamos Berdeeetch” time to time. I was surprised by the openly on-court coaching to Juan Martín, his coach was right behind me and they were literally discussing tactics when JMDP was serving from that side of the court.

Chardy – Wawrinka
Many fans for both players. A war of backhands this was. You realize how violent the movement of a Stan one handed backhand is, and how big Chardy serves. But the actual star was the umpire Enric Molina. People had to line up to get a picture with him.

Simon – Fognini
More openly on-court coaching for Fognini. This guy behaves on court like a macho trying to impress some teenagers. He was playing some kind of percentage tennis, only that the percentage was very low. Simon wasn’t comfortable at all on court and looked as if he had a hangover. I wasn’t impressed by the quality of the match.

Kohlschreiber – Cilic
The court, one of the small outside ones was absolutely packed. It was only when Rafa started that I was able to get in. Always amazed that people prefer to watch a player demolition than a competitive match. Mariana Alves did as usual a great job, first personally managing the court watering operations and then giving a warning to Kohlschreiber for ball abuse, of course she was booed. She kept calling Marin as Seeleech. The match was tough and very entertaining. Only the third set lasted as much as the whole Rafa-Melzer match.

Ferrer – Mónaco
Ferrer looks actually bigger and I’ll dare to say even handsome in person. The ambiance was really DC like, although the crowd was fair with Mónaco who was by far the better player. It was sad to hear David shout ‘I’m done’ once and again. The fun moment happened when both players stopped the game at the same time after the ball barely clipped the line one after the other.

The Caja Mágica was pretty empty in the morning but was really packed when I left around 7pm. Lots of places to eat, not much lining-up needed and prices were fair. Overall well organized and good transportation to the Caja Mágica. Still some typos to correct, see Rafa’s points in the poster below

Looking forward to Madrid Open 2010.

PS: Excuse my writing skills, I am used to write business reports in English but this is my first attempt to act as a journalist

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  1. GVGirl's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing! Someone added a few thousand extra points for Rafa.
  2. jjnow's Avatar
    Those are some amazing photos, elisat!
  3. beaujarkko's Avatar
    LOL@ Enric Molina being the star. I love him, so that's fun to hear

    Thanks for the blog! I can't wait until I can use a computer that doesn't firewall the pictures... stupid school firewall
  4. patrick's Avatar
    Thanks for the report. Glad you had a nice time.
  5. aedra1119's Avatar
    Thanks for the blog and great pictures! Maybe the ATP should follow the WTA's lead and allow on-court coaching.
  6. rabbit's Avatar

    First time I have read of compliments for Alves!
  7. Madame's Avatar
    Great pictures elisat, and yes, Ferru is quite handsome close by. I saw him in a front row on a small court in RG. He's a great guy. This is making me so impatient. In 2 weeks it's my turn !!!!!
    My Hub just bought a beautiful, powerfull, x20 zoom camera !!!. Roland, here I come
  8. Scotty's Avatar
    Glad to hear you had a good day at the tourney. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Ti-Amie's Avatar
    Great report Elisat! I've never heard anyone complement Alves before.
  10. elisat's Avatar
    Re: Alves, I was trying to be ironic actually but didn't manage, I think. I actually posted the picture of her climbing to her chair as I thought was a bit ridiculous.

    Thanks all for the nice comments. But be careful as you are encouraging me to post more
  11. luvs10s's Avatar
    Glad you had a great day. The photos are wonderful too.
  12. rabbit's Avatar
    Ah, ok! No, you were sarcastic; I was too dense to see it...

    And please, more posts!!
  13. Moose's Avatar
    Outstanding Elisat. Thanks for the on-site reports. You got to see two of my faves, Kohli and Ferrer. Both of whom are so entertaining to watch on court. And yes, David is even more attractive in person.
  14. Jay's Avatar
    Thanks for the report, Elisat! I enjoyed reading them
    I'm glad you got to see Ferrer!
  15. rafaishot's Avatar
    [B]RAFA, Now him I think I would trade my husband for.
    Beautiful picture of him, great too look at. THANK YOU