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Weight Watchers Journey

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Ten weeks ago I started Weight Watchers Online.

I've just reached my first mini goal of losing 5kg (that's 11lbs for you American folk ).

I can now get into a pair of trousers that I brought via the internet but were too small once I tried them on. Needless to say I feel much better about myself but I still have a long way to go.

My biggest problem is alcohol. I love my beer and wine (some of those in chat can attest to this ). I allow myself a daily glass of wine...all accounted for in the WW Point system so I don't feel like I'm missing out.
My other problem is exercise - I loathe it with a passion - but I have just started going for a half hour walk each day. I hope to build this up over time, but I'll never be a gym-bunny!!!

Come next year's Oz Open I hope to be looking and feeling great. I hear Rafa's looking for a wife - perhaps he might be interested in a "hot mature woman".

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  1. hurricanejeanne's Avatar
    Yay for the mini goal Luvs! You've been very disciplined especially with your wine and beer love. And I understand the distaste for exercise, I can do like the treadmill and the stationary bike, but what I should be doing I can't be bothered to do.

    Keep it up!
  2. oohsalmon's Avatar
    Fetch! Good job!
  3. Jay's Avatar
    Yay Luvs!

    I understand your hatred for exercise. What I tend to do is play sports that I enjoy rather than hitting the gym. It might not be as effective in getting you to lose weight, but It's better to have fun while you're exercising(sports) rather than hating it (gym).

    Glad to hear that you hit a mini goal. It's awesome
  4. aedra1119's Avatar
    Yay luvs! I remember reading in an article about people who lived to be at least a hundred, and I know a few of them said that they drank a glass of wine a day.
  5. mrjiggyfly2's Avatar
  6. tinamarie's Avatar
    awesome, luvs!
    (and I am totally counting on you to distract nadal in Melbourne- Roger needs your help!)
  7. verucasalt's Avatar
    Yay, luvs! Keep up the good work!
  8. jjnow's Avatar
    Way to go, luvs!

    Question: do you guys use the "stone" weight system in NZ too, or is that just a British thing?
  9. luvs10s's Avatar
    We used to use ounces, pounds and stones but went metric quite a few years ago but I've been around long enough that i work with both
  10. missinandre's Avatar
    Nice work Luvs! Keep it up!