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The Evolution of TAT 1/09

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I did a few of these at the beginning of last year, then the US Open Series demanded everyone's time and I never did another one.

Let's try this again.


Busy Busy Bees
We were fortunate last year to be able to cover a lot of tournaments. We don't expect 2009 to be any different. Thanks so much to the volunteers that make this coverage possible!


Forum Updates... Update
Yeah. We're pretty much done with that. I've been looking for the point when major updates to our website could cease. This last update proved to be a pain in the ass when all was said and done. I'm still troubleshooting a few problems. We have so much content, and so many modifications, that to perform an update is getting more difficult each time. But I did want to add some of the new stuff that we saw come our way. Namely the photo albums, personalized profiles, and more recently personalized blogs. But, except for security updates (which are smaller and easier to do), unless the next available upgrade comes with a free car for each of us, we've reached our limit of goodies.


Google? Who Needs Google?
It was brought to my attention about a month ago that unless you Google "" we don't rank very high on search engines. Scotty and I have been working together to change that. I mention this because not long after the Australian Open, I'm going to have to do some work on our site which is going to mean we'll have to go offline several times for me to accomplish the changes that need to be made. As I always try to do, I'll give everyone as much notice as possible, and will only be offline for as long as is necessary.


Searching High and Low
Not to long from now, we're going to try an experiment. I'm going to add a completely different search engine to our site. The biggest advantage will be that we'll be able to search all areas of TAT in one search, including the Photo Vault. We'll run both search engines side by side for a while. Then we'll be looking for input from you guys to help make the decision about which one we want to use permanently.


The Bigger They Are...
The biggest project for 2009, one that I've been working on for, sheesh... almost a year I guess, is automation for our prediction contest, and ultimately, Fantasy Tennis also. We hate that the prediction contest can't be opened up to anyone who wants to participate. But the labor involved in operating it simply prohibits it at this point. It's a huge project, but hopefully it will come to pass at some point this year.


I'll try and make time to do this every month, even if it's just to say nothing new is on the horizon.

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  1. Moose's Avatar
    No post could ever express our collective mutual admiration for your efforts, and love for you and what you created here, Kirkus. TAT, and you, ROCK!
  2. Madame's Avatar
    There is something special in TAT. I've tried to express in different places, but I keep on digging deeper. I think I'm beginning to put a finger on it. TAT is great because it is running swell and every one puts a bit of himself, and Kirkus puts a lot.

    But the thing that makes TAT so special is its group of people from whom is perspiring something really great, looks like love from here.

  3. mrjiggyfly2's Avatar
    Big 10-4 Captain K
  4. bea26's Avatar
    Any chance of a history of TAT? To present?